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Friday, July 25, 2014

Anything Goes Linky # 164 And Features

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Welcome to the party! I am so glad you are here. Where did this week go? Between making handmade soap for the Farmer's Market (I am totally hooked BTW), shopping for school supplies for my Kindergartner, fishing at the lake, and Skyping with my junior high student, who is visiting family out of town, this week flew by. 

I am continuing to feel better on my Tamoxifen. If the side effects stay at this level, they will be tolerable.  My skin is almost back to my normal shade of pale! I am really surprised it healed so quickly.  For a little while, my youngest kept asking why my underarm was black (this was where it burned the most during radiation).  Now it just looks like I did some topless tanning, on just the right side, LOL. Happy to be doing well since I am turning 37 next week! Hoping to have a date night with the hubs, but would be just as pleased with a rented rom com, and microwave popcorn. Man am I a cheap date or what? 

 I start substitute teaching in August, so I have been trying to tackle some Summer projects before life gets super busy again.  I will have two great furniture transformations to share with you soon! Hope your Summer Vacation is going great!  

Now for some fantastic features from last weeks party:

Ginger Peach Iced Tea  shared by Delightful E Made. 

Copycat Auntie Anne's Pretzels  shared by Daily DIY Life. 

Driftwood Hanger For Paper Boats Tutorial  shared by Little Treasures. 

Girlie Glam Nursery  shared by A Little Of This, A Little Of That. 

Now it's time to party!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Promoting Our Trademark "Just Right Chunky" With Build A Sign

I am loving these new "JRC" stickers from Build A Sign.  My husband and his friend purchased a trademark for a favorite saying they have "JRC" standing for "Just Right Chunky". They believe people with healthy and natural curves are sexier than stick and bones. They are promoting a positive self image for women and men alike, to love themselves for who they are. They are not promoting an unhealthy lifestyle, rather acceptance that not everyone can have 6 pack abs.  Many people work out daily, eat right, and never lose their curvy physic. "JRC" says that's all right, because curvy is sexy, and there is such a thing as "Just Right Chunky". For more information on "JRC" or to join the "JRC" movement, and purchase products, visit our Etsy shop TLC Creations

 A great way to promote your business is with Build A Sign. They offer custom signs, business cards, license plates, stickers, decals, magnets, banners, flags, and more! Yes just about anything you can think of, they can customize to promote your business or trademark. 

Build A Sign asked if I would review their product. They made us 50 "Just Right Chunky" stickers using our custom design. The ordering process was simple. The time allowed for manufacturing was quick, and they arrived safely and securely packaged. I have absolutely no complaints, the stickers look great! Thank you Build A Sign for the opportunity to review your wonderful product line. If you have a blog, website, shop, event, trademark, or more to promote, please give Build A Sign a chance. A sign is really more then just a sign, it's affirmation of your dream. It's putting your ideas out there for the world to see, and it feels great! 

Disclosure: Although I received free product to review, I was not compensated in any other form for this review. All opinions are 100% mine. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

My Farmer's Market Booth

You may have seen previous posts, where I have shared my craft booth for local shows. I often have three display tables, mannequins, and time consuming displays. This Summer, having just finished my breast cancer treatment, I am not up for a huge booth. Instead I have been sharing a booth with other local artisans, and only bringing 1 table of items. Our Farmer's Market is a  small weekly show, that runs every Saturday during Summer, from 8 AM to Noon. Here are a few pictures of my handmade items, and my booth from the last market.