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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Gross Halloween Food & a Cute Surprise!

Wow that looks like a carnivorous feast.  I was sent these pics from a friend.  His brother attended a Halloween party that included a creepy buffet.  I am not sure who the very creative cooks were that pulled this one off.  I don't see any bacon, but looks like they have enough sausage, ribs, salami (on the skull), and what ever else that is (maybe chicken) under the sausage links to feed a huge meat loving crowd.  It looks like the heart might be a red bell pepper covered in BBQ sauce.  My husband who has attended more then one autopsy for work, said they did a great job.

Since I have probably grossed you all out, how about we part with an image that you can enjoy.


  1. LOL! It's so awful! Looks like a cannibal of cannibal's feast. And the little one, is he getting a piece of the action?!

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  2. THAT IS NASTY! I think I just threw up a little! I LOVE IT!!

  3. I love that!! Josee

  4. I LOVE THIS!!!!!!!! how could you think thats gross? that is so totally awesome!!!!

  5. I would love to know what all the skull is made of. So cool!

  6. I was looking for more Halloween Recipes and found your blog site. I hope it’s fine with you if I could pin some of these photos on my Pinterest boards. Thank you and keep sharing :D They look yummy than scary btw! Haha

  7. this idea is amazing. i had to make one as soon as i saw it. thank u for posting such a unique idea. ours turned out beautifully. my blog at Curtain designs

  8. We had a Halloween party for my daughter last year and are planning another this year. Can't wait to serve this up to her friends!!!

  9. I bet the skull is cheeseball. I've done something, somewhat, close, but this is by far, most awesome!! Great job!!��

  10. I bet the skull is cheeseball. I've done something, somewhat, close, but this is by far, most awesome!! Great job!!��

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