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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year Jewelry Crafting & Donuts!

The bracelet was just for fun, it says RWOP & BACON TIME!
   To celebrate today I did two things.  First I started the morning off with some fresh Semi-Homemade Donuts for my boys and I.  I must admit, when I think of  my favorite Chinese food, I think fried, so these fried donuts were a perfect start to our Chinese New Year celebration.  I even made some of the donuts look like a long dragon.   Next (amped with a coffee and sugar buzz) I sat down and made this Happy Chinese New Year Jewelry .  To make the bracelet and necklace, I used inexpensive items found at my local Walmart craft department.  Most of which were made in China, excluding the fancier buttons on the necklace that were made in Italy.  The bracelet, a bit childish/whimsical is an ode to my love for the Real Women of Philadelphia/RWOP and this blog Bacon Time.  It was made using a black elastic cord, alphabet & heart beads, and 4 roses.  I attached the roses to the elastic using crafting thread and a needle.  To make the necklace, which I think has a lot of charm, I combined two plain beaded necklaces together, both cost a dollar each and came with a cute pouch.  After I twisted them together I started fashioning my other items to dress it up a bit. I sewed on 1 large rose, and two smaller roses, again using crafting thread and a needle.  The other 4 items are buttons that were easily tied on with the crafting thread. 
The pouch came for free with the beaded necklace.

The fancy Italian buttons (about $1 a piece)

I bet this will be a conversation starter, with strangers asking about the meaning of  RWOP and BACON TIME.

My new "made in China" Pretties on my pretty China!
The donuts were made with canned buttermilk biscuits, canola oil (for frying), melted store bought cream
cheese frosting, and cinnamon.  This one I cut to represent our dragon for the Chinese New Year!

This is 1 biscuit cut into 4 strips.

This is just a biscuit cut in half.

I guess they were good, my super skinny 8 year old, ate these 3 donuts pictured all above.
   Well I know this post is a little silly, donuts and jewelry, but hey, that's how I roll.  Hope your Chinese New Years is full of good food, fun, and family.  My fortune cookie says, this home cook is taking the night off to enjoy some delicious Chinese food, with the entire family, at one of our favorite places in town Happy Garden.


  1. You are just a multi-talented gal Mindie! Lovely jewelry you made--and your a great cook and mom and blogger and cute and funny--you got it all going on!!!

  2. I love the jewelry Mindie, Also your donuts/

  3. Oh my, your necklace is adorable! Love how whimsical and fun it is! And those donuts look Mmmm Mmmm good!


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