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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Valentine Treat for Me "Viva La Bacon Time"


   Ok I know I am being a bit selfish but I could not resist this gift for myself.  Now I will always have Bacon Time with me.  I could not find the exact necklace that I wanted, so I went to this great website that sells silver charms individually and picked out the three pieces above.  These charms were very affordable and shipping was inexpensive too. Here is the link to Charm Factory so you can get your own Bacon Time necklace if you like, because this ones mine. 
For those Twilight fans, like myself, they have charms to bestial your beating heart.  I already showed you the Renesmee Locket I have on my wish list.
 On a side note, It is amazing that I was so willing to post these pics of myself.  You know a year ago, I would run from a camera.  Now I willing take pics and even make cooking videos.  You know sometimes you just have to conquer your fears.  Viva La Bacon Time!

You can't see them but I have cute knee high black boots on!

Yes that is one of the head bands I made myself.

Yeah my Bacon Time necklace is here!


  1. I love it Mindie!!! You look great and I love the bacon charm. They actually sell those - you didn't have it custom made??? Too funny. Maria


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