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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Pearl & Button Heart Necklace from the Not So Crafty Craft-er

   I saw a tutorial on the Little Miss Momma blog I follow for making a button bib necklace.  I fell in love immediately with it's vintage charm.  I also love that this can be an earth friendly project if you up cycle old unused buttons.  I chose for this round to skip the bib, and do a heart, since Valentines is next week.  I had so much fun with this, that I plan on attempting soon an actual bib style as seen on LMM herself  here.  BTW isn't she adorable.  Her blog is incredible too.  Thanks again LMM for the inspiration.
   To start I cut a heart as seen here with fabric scissors from felt. No I am not that talented, I traced a heart cookie cutter to get it just right.  Then I folded the felt over, and cut out both hearts at the same time, and left them connected at the top.  Then I took my strand of pearls, from the fabric department, and glued the ends to the inside top left and right of the heart. I used E-6000 Permanent Bond Designer's Collection glue to attach them.  It is tacky and flexible like a glue gun.  You can find it in the craft department.

 Then I added more drops of glue all over the heart and folded it shut.  From there, using wire cutters, I snipped the back off the buttons, so that they would lay flat.  Then using that same glue, I attached them.  I then cut off a  few little pearls from the strand I had leftover, to fill in the empty spots.  I used some new and some old buttons for this project.  It was really easy, even for this self proclaimed not so crafty craft-er.  I hope you will give it a try.  If you do, I would love some pics of the final project.  Speaking of pics, when I get myself presentable later today, I will take some pics of me in my new pretty, and add it to this post.

Ready to go with my new pretty!


  1. I LOVE your version! it is sooooo sooo pretty! what a great idea with the heart!

  2. Mindie, love the concept. Have you thought about doing this on the outside of a vase on terra cotta potting bowl for inside plants?

    Kim C


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