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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Picture Valentines Cards

    I saw this cute idea for Children's Valentines Cards, on another cool blog I follow, called
Marni's Organized Mess.

I decided that we would try these out this year for my oldest son Joshua (pictured above).  I loved that his name would be printed on the card so that we wouldn't be frantically signing them all at the last minute, like in previous years.  Ours are not as cool as Marni's, since we did not print them on photo paper or punch holes for the suckers. We just taped the suckers on, since we printed them on regular copy paper and it wasn't as durable. I designed the picture on the Picnik site, which is free to do. Then to dress it up a bit we taped them on to paper lace doilies.  Doilies, oh how I remember being little and loving Valentine crafting with doilies.  Well it wasn't until we had them all printed out, that I realized the top of the frame around Joshua was cut off for some reason.  That is where it read  "Happy Valentines Day! " Oh well, they will work, and if they were any cuter, I would just be sad to imagine other parents throwing them in the trash.  I am not judging, I do the same thing, you can't keep everything, there is just not room.  I have to remind Joshua of this often.  I usually let him have them for a month.  Then after my son has scattered all of his received Valentines around his room, and I just can't take the mess anymore, I convince him to part with them.  Of course if there is one in particular, that he is especially fond of, I will let him keep it.  Oh puppy love.  I remember those days too.  I remember reading the Valentine hearts put  in with my cards and wondering if they were just tossed in or picked special for me.  Probably just tossed in, but one could always dream.
If you have not picked out your kids cards yet, give these a try. They were super easy to do.  Of course if you do, please send me a link to the pic in a comment below, I would love to see yours.  Happy Valentines Weekend everyone!  No school for Joshua or work for Jerry, so yes it is officially my weekend!


  1. Very cute!! Thanks for the credit. I appreciate it! <3

    I can't wait to hear what people think!!

  2. Um, so I am following you on Facebook and GFC now. But wait, you're from NORTH CAL?! Whereabouts? Me too!!!

  3. About an hour outside of Reno Nevada in the Sierra Mountain Range.


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