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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Up Cycled Sweatshirt Purse with Flowers

The flowers are just scrap pieces from the arms and top of sweat shirt that were not used.  I cut pieces like seen above, from smaller to larger, then stacked them on top of each other and connected them to the purse, sewing by hand a bead in the center.  I used a heart bead, and two lettered  beads for my initials.  You could also use buttons.

I was in the mood to buy a new purse but didn't feel like I should spend any money. So at nap time, I tackled this project and got it done in about an hour.  I took an old sweat shirt I never wear, and sewed the bottom together.  Sewing it inside out, so that the seems are on the inside when done.  I then cut the arms off and neck off.  You can do this to suit your preference.  I wanted it to be able to fit easily over my shoulder, even when wearing my winter coat.  I also made sure to cut off the glitter picture that was on the sweatshirt which was used to  make my two smaller flowers.  I then just folded the edges of the straps in and sewed them over to give it a bit more finished look.  I did not bother lining the purse, since it is after all a casual style.  I really loved how the flower embellishments turned out.  I will probably make more of them to attach to bobby pins for cute hair accessories and maybe up cycle a boring old t-shirt with some cute flower power.    You could even use them to decorate a picture frame, for Valentines in red and pink.  If you try this easy sewing project, I would love to see your new purse too.  Happy Crafting Everyone!

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