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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Up Cycled T-Shirt

Hard to get a good pic showing the detail since it is all black, sorry.

BTW, see those two freckles on my arm or as my dermatologist would say skin cancer concerns.  They will be coming
off next week.  I have already had 8 biopsies in the last month, including stitches.  Please wear your sunscreen.  This is
a PA from Bacon Time.   If you want to burn something, burn some bacon.

A close up of the belt and flower detail.
    If you have been following my blog, you know that my passion is cooking but I have been trying to improve my sewing skills.  This was my first attempt at up cycling a t-shirt.  I took an old black t-shirt and cut off the top of the back and a bit off the front. I made sure to try it on first and note wear my bra line was since I hate shirts that you have to wear a special bra with or no bra at all (I don't go there). I have nursed two babies, these were working breasts, and the girlie's are hanging in there but not on their own.  ;)
I know I know, way to much information, OK lets get back to business.  After cutting off the amount I wanted from the top of shirt, I sewed the edges all over.  Then using some stretchy sequined black ribbon, I attached a belt to the top, to give it some shape.  I also took the scraps from the top and made a flower, as I did in an earlier post on my up cycled purse (as seen on me above).  I attached the flower on to the belt, sewing it by hand, with a button in the center.  Looking back, I wish I had not attached the belt, since I would like to wear it with other things.  So I would recommend, after measuring out the amount you want for your belt, sewing the ends together with your sewing machine.  Then attach the flower to the seem of the belt.  I added a strap of stretchy sequins to the back of shirt as well.  BTW do you like my necklace?  That is another up cycle project from leftover pieces of my up cycled sweatshirt.  I will share more of that in a later post very soon.

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