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Friday, March 18, 2011

Apron Sets & Singles For Sale

I have aprons sets for mother, daughter, and doll.  All sets are double stitched with love and made by me.  The adult apron should fit most.  The daughter apron fits small through large children sizes, and the doll apron is for an 18 inch doll or smaller.

This blue & brown set pictured above  is now finished and  on Sale for a special price to all Bacon Time followers of  $49.99 plus $4.99 shipping and handling to order email me at

I am hoping to make some sets for mother and son or maybe a unisex variety. If you are interested in purchasing a set  or making a special order just send me an email at  As I complete new sets I will add the photos to this post.  This post will be linked to my right side bar under Apron Sets for you to find easily.

This is not a set it is a single adult apron. Sale price $27.99

This is not a set it is a single adult apron for $27.99.
The main color is a red orange with accents in yellow and black.
Black waist apron with crocheted flowers in white and black and buttons in white and black.  With one pocket.
close up of the flowers.

Light blue and  dark brown vintage style  single adult apron.

Vertical striped apron with accent color in what is called a coral sammon color. This
is a single adult apron that should be durable since
cotton blend fabric has been doubled.

You can tie in back, for pic I tied in front. It has 2 small pockets.

Sorry for the side ways pic. I rotated it twice at Picnik, saved it twice, and every time I post it here it turns. This happens every so often, it's a mystery....
A single adult turquoise polka dot apron, double lined with two small pockets.

Single adult apron with one pocket, as cute as a cupcake!


  1. Mindie,

    These are adorable. Wish my girls were little again so I could buy them. Very talented! I did share this post on my bellas fb page.

  2. Thanks you are so sweet, I check your blog everyday to see what yumminess you have going on.

  3. These are so precious Mindie! Can't wait until you sell them seperately.

  4. I have some single ones that will be up on here as soon as they are completed.

  5. Hi Mindie, Just came over from Rebecka's blog. You have a lovely site! You are really good with your hands. I am "struggling" to finish a blanket which I started 3 years ago and has been in the box for the past 1-1/2 years! LOL! Feeling guilty as it is! Love what you are doing here. Nice to meet you! And your lovely family! Your sons are really cute. Have a nice day!

  6. Well thanks Mindie, I hope your enjoying the blog and thanks! I Love them both, have to make up my mind on which one! Are you going to be making more? Because I'm afraid I might like the next one better! I will let you know which one I choose soon!

  7. As far as singles go I have a couple more. One will be cupcakes. One will be blue and brown with ruffles and pearls very vintage looking in my opinion. I am also thinking about making some waist only ones if you are interested. Thanks for your kind comments.

  8. I am interested... I actually need one of both styles. I would like to take a look at the blue and brown vintage one though. That one sounds more my color wheel. Your welcome for the comments, well deserved! These are great!


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