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Monday, March 28, 2011

Infinite Possibilities Pillow Case Dress/Skirt

Warning, I am going to do some modeling so that you can have just a few fun ideas of how to wear this pillow case skirt/dress.  Yes I know I am not a model, my skin is pale and has not seen sun all Winter, please forgive the awkard  poses, bra strap slip up, and for my general awkwardness.  I am looking for a new model for my blog, unfortionatley I am the only one willing to work for free. lol
My husband loves this pic, I was just being silly, I don't know why I look so freckly?

My husband was the photograhper. He liked this pic.  He totally missed the cute boots in
the shot, a girl would never forget the shoes.  That's ok, I still love you and thanks for the
help babe. BTW, I was trying to show of my new earings, pretty don't you think, I will be showing you
how to make them in a new post soon!
 I just wanted to show how you can pull the skirt/dress up over your chest for a cute dress look. Of course you don't have to wear a top under it, but I am afraid my upper arms might actully be pailer then my legs.

I love that you can wear it at an empire waist with a belt for a fun easy look.

Or you can wear it at your regular waist.  Althoug you probably won't want your bra strap showing, nice, sorry about that.  I  am so not a great model but the only one I have.
PS if you like either of the belts shown above they are both available on my Etsy shop.

Ok are you excited yet to see how many ways you can dress up your pillow case skirt/dress.  I am going to have to make myself some more of these in different colors.  Note I am a bit modest with how much leg I am willing to show, so I did not put a slit in the side or middle back of skirt/dress, but it would be easy to do.  My husband wanted me too, he said "so I could run from danger if needed" yes I am sure my saftey was his first thought.  lol

Ok here is what you need:

A pillow case, I used a black standard pillow case, just use a larger size if needed.  

Matching Thread (I used a contrasting color  so you would be able to see it better on this tutorial (see I love you guys).

Elastic long enough for your waist size, I used 1/2 inch wide.

Scisors & a Sewing Machine

The open end of the pillow case will be the bottom of your dress/skirt.  Cool thing about this is that some
pillow cases have a pretty decorated hem already!  You will start by cutting off the seem of the
other end and then cutting it at each end so that you can fold it in easily to make your first hem.  Just make sure you cut in an even amount on either side.  I cut in 1 1/2 inches. Now it will be easy for you to sew your first hem on either side with a single stitch and about a 1/2 an inch hem.

Now you will need to fold it in again, about an inch and add another hem.  You are creating a
 place to hide your elastic.

Now you can run your elastic through both sides.  I used a bobby pin
to pull it easily through.  Once you have it through you will want to pin
it on either side so that it will not move.  To make sure my elastic never
gives way for a major wardrobe malfunction I sewed the two ends of elastic
together first then sewed the elastic to the sides of the dress/skirt too.

See how I stitched the two ends of elastic together first, I used a zig zag stitch for extra durability.
Then I did a zig zag on either end to reconnect the pillow case where I had cut in 1 1/2 inches. 
Well if you make a pillow case dress/skirt I would love to see pics and hear about
all the fun ways you can wear it.

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