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Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Apron Set For Paula Deen

Baby,  Grandson, & Paula Deen Apron Set

   Well I hope you have all entered my give away for the set of 3 aprons!  If not here is the link to the give away post so you can enter.  It is easy to enter.

   Speaking of aprons I have been making a bunch.  It all started with a friend from the Real Women of Philadelphia giving me a challenge to make her one.  Soon after 5 more people chimed in with orders.  Then I decided to make a set of 3 as a give away.  Then the ladies of RWOP pointed out how nice it would be for me to make an apron for Paula Deen (our Queen).  Well I just adore Paula Deen so of course I was up for the challenge.  The problem was I didn't know what type of apron to make her.  I just bet she has a million aprons.  So I decided if I were to make her one it would have to be extra special. So I decided to make her a set for her and her grand baby boys to wear.  If you don't know she has another little grand baby boy on the way.  So I made three aprons, one for her, one that should fit her older grandson, and one for the baby.  Of course when it came to deciding on what type of fabric to use I decided to go with pigs since Paula and I both seem to enjoy our swine.    I chose black to go with it since I remember Paula saying that she likes to wear black even though they make her wear a lot of color for the show.  Hey what gal doesn't like a slimming black?   
   I had enough fabric left over to piece together a small apron for myself.  It is not as nice as the one I made Paula but it is still cute.  Isn't that like us home cooks to get the leftovers.  No complaining though, I am pleased as punch to have this opportunity to make someone as special as Paula Deen a gift.  I am not sure if I will mail it or hold on to it until June 29th.  You see I am hoping to pinch enough pennies together to go to the live event this year in Savannah for RWoP Season 2.  My entire family wants to go.  I can't wait to meet Paula Deen in person.  She has been such an inspiration to me and so many more of us at RWoP.   I can't wait to see in person as well all of the wonderful folks I have come to love at RWoP.
    Well I would love to hear if you have someone special in your life that you have found inspiration from even though  you have never met.   What other celebrities out there make you want to be the best you can be?
Four times I saved this pic right side up and four times blogspot rotated it.  My husband thought it was me so he tried and it did the same thing.  Sorry for the side ways pic of my apron.


  1. They came out great Mindie! Love the fabrics you picked, perfect. Paula and her grandson are going to love them!

  2. Pics don't do them justice, the one on the top right Paula's is the most true to color.

  3. How fun!! These will make Paula giggle her sweet giggle. Hope you can make it to Savannah. :) So happy you joined last weeks K.I.S.S. blog bash, your creativity is appreciated. Please remember tomorrow is another fun blog bash, drop by & share more inspiring ideas!

    Drop by The Tattered Tag

  4. 3 giveaways with 3 cute aprons, my mom will love these. using apron with affordable bib are good to make you feel better in cooking.


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