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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easy Spring/Summer Dresses For The New Seamstress

   Well I seem to notice a lot of "What I Wore Wednesday" posts out in blog land.  I don't know if you all care about what I wore.  I do think I have a fun unique style.  I have actually had some work experience in fashion, so I don't consider my self  completely helpless.  I also love to design accessories as you probably know if you have visited my Etsy shop.  Anyways getting to the subject of this post. I just recently made these two dresses, the shorter one could certainly be worn as a skirt too.  If you sew, even just a little, you could make yourself one too.  All you need to do is head to the fabric department, for me that was Walmart, and look for the fabric called, I believe "Easy Sew Dress" or something like that.  The material will be stretchy on top.  All you will need to do is sew together both sides of the material.  The short dress cost me $7.50 and the long $8.50.  I bought 3/4 of a yard in each, and could have actually purchased less since they stretch a lot.  This would be a perfect starter project for someone just getting started and makes a nice gift since the fit is forgivable.  So, it's not Wednesday, but above is what I wore today, Thursday.

Still not Wednesday, but this is what I wore Tuesday! You can tell this
pic was taken after a very long day.  I look tired.  Like my jewelry, there are
tutorials on here for the ribbon and bead necklace and my lace bracelet.  Both cost
practically nothing to make.

My 8 year old took both pics, not bad, thanks cutie.  Yes it is still to cold here to wear this with out a top or light jacket and leggings.  PS, I gave myself a much needed pedi for nap time yesterday.  My toes thank me.


  1. Cute! I used to love to sew for myself - skirts are my go-to because they can be made to look different with accessories and diff tops. I will have to check these out at Wally World soon. (:

  2. I love the colors in your bottom skirt! Nice work!

  3. Super cute - great for beginning! Thanks for sharing at Fantastic Friday.

  4. These are adorable.. okay it's pushing closer to that dusty sewing machine.. I may have to take it one day soon.. thanks for the much needed inspiration!


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