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Friday, June 3, 2011

Free Prime Blog Real Estate Advertising!!!!

You might have noticed that I have done some reorganizing on my blog.  Hope you like how it looks.  You are probably wondering too what's up with all of the little pigs up on top.  Well I decided to open up some prime real estate at the top of my blog to anyone that would like to host a give away at Bacon Time.  Your button could replace one of my buttons for a minimum of one month or longer depending on size of give away you provide to my Bacon Time followers. I just recently started paying for advertising with Google, Triberr, and Someday Crafts.  Take advantage of my paid advertising that will be bringing traffic this way and promote your blog or shop on Bacon Time.  I will also promote as much as possible your give away, and blog or shop for the entire week we run the give away on here, with  facebook, twitter, and several other great sights I link up to.  We will also kick off the give away with of course a lovely post on you and the coolness that you are.  The give away would stipulate that they follow both of our blogs too or heart/like your shop.  If you are interested go ahead and leave me a comment below or email me at    Take advantage of this generous offer while it lasts.  I will not be able to offer free advertising forever.  If you are interested in doing a button exchange we can do that as well.


  1. Hi thank you for the button exchange, I've had your button on my site since the last time we spoke.

    Have a great day!


  2. I would love to do a button exchange with you! :)


  3. I'm a new follower. I would love to do a button exchange...I'm new to blogging, let me know what we would need to do! I can offer a $15 gift card to one winner for either my on-line boutique or etsy shop.

  4. Following back!!


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