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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tackle It Tuesday Teacher Appreciation (& Summer Daze Give Aways Continued)

I bring you craft tutorials all the time and have decided to try and stick to a schedule.  So from this point on I hope to always have a Tackle It Tuesday Tutorial for you all to enjoy.  If you miss a week, don't worry you can always head to the top of the blog under the crafts and fashion page and find any of the ones you missed.

Well since it is the last week of school, I thought it better late then never to show you what we tackled for a teacher appreciation gift.

My son and I made a pencil vase with of course more pencils inside of it.

Materials Needed:
5 dozen pencils #2 of course
1 bandanna we used light green
1 plastic drinking cup also light green
1 large hair rubber band accessory

Very simple to do.  All we did was place the rubber band around the cup and added as many pencils as we could fit to go around the cup.  Then we tied the bandanna around it tightly and placed the rest of the pencils in the pencil vase.  This is really just a nice way to present pencils for the teacher.  I started out teaching after college and know that teachers often use their own limited resources for classroom supplies.  This is a practical and useful gift for a teacher, take it from me.

The tag reads #2 pencils for a # 1 Teacher ( I know not the most original but it's fitting).

Now you all know that I consider myself to have a good sense of humor.  My oldest son has had the same teacher for the last two years.  My son, as smart as he is, can be a bit of a chatty Kathy in the classroom. I have been reminded of this every parent teacher conference for the last two years.  So I thought a little gag gift would be appropriate.  Keep in mind I did not let my son see this part of the gift, because I didn't want him to take it the wrong way.  I love how much he enjoys talking to me and I know that when his teen years get here that might not always be the case, and that makes me sad.

 A hand made photo pill box (PS I have a tutorial coming for this later) and inside none other then a pair of earplugs.  I contemplated adding aspirin too. 

Hear is to a Great Summer and many more Tackle it Tuesday Tutorials.

Now onto Summer Daze Give Aways!!!!!!!

  Ashley Creations  has an adorable hair clip up for grabs.image

Kelly @ Make It Sparkly Mama has a whimsical, single strand bracelet that you can personalize. Customizable with birthstones or crystals of your choice.  

Shawna @ A Very Dandoislion Life has some more cute hair accessories up for grabs.

These giveaways will close on Saturday, June 11, so head over to these blogs and get your entries in. Visit our host of Summerdaze While He Was Napping for more information on this fun give away week long event!

If you haven't had a chance to enter my Summer Daze give away and a few others I have going on, then head to the top of my blog for the Give Away page.  Trust me you will be happy you did.

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  3. fun idea! teachers always deserve the best;)


  4. Love this idea! Also, the earplugs! I've got a kid who never shuts up =)


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