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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My New Blog & Etsy Stamp!

I ordered myself a personalized business stamp from
They can customize and personalize a stamp that is just right for you at reasonable prices.

I just love mine with of course an adorable pig along with my Etsy and blog web addresses. I didn't order the pre inked stamp, only because I am thinking of also getting white cards and using pink ink.  It would be convenient however to have a pre inked one, and they offer those too in a variety of ink colors.

I am using the stamp to make nice cards to package my earrings and other shop items with. I have been working hard getting ready for my first craft show that will be this Saturday!!!!  Here are some more pics of my cards with the new stamp.  I also ordered from another vendor a pig punch out stamp.  I will be able to use it to punch cards when I want to tie them to gift wrapped items and bags.

Yes I know these earrings don't match but they are a pair.  Lion and the Lamb silver earrings for
those Twilight fans like myself.

Thanks again My Rubber Stamp for making me my personalize piggy.
If you want to order your own custom stamp shop here.

FYI, those piggy and lion and lamb earrings will both be seen again on Bacon Time as Free Give Aways later this summer!


  1. Your stamp is really pretty! I got one from My Rubber Stamp too and I love it!

  2. How cute!! Love it!

    Happy Thursday!

  3. Thank you for posting us on your blog. We are glad that you love your stamp =)

  4. Thank you for posting us on your blog. We are glad that you love your stamp =)


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