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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

The Boobie Dress I Hate and Never Wore Until Today For the WIWW Challenge!

Please ignore the missing baseboards, (as I am trying to do lol) we installed hard wood floors and have yet to find time to put new ones up.

Last week was my first time linking up at the "What I Wore Wednesday" linky.  We were given a challenge by the host Lindsey for this week to wear something from our closet we never do.  Well I immediately thought of this dress I ordered from a Victoria Secrets catalog over a year ago and have never worn.  The infamous "boobie dress" my husband loves and I hate. 

Not only does this dress drive me nuts, because the girls, the tatas, or as I have decided to name mine "All Day" and "Sucker" don't seem to want to stay in this dress, it also seems to cling to all the wrong parts and just feels odd on.  I am not a total prude, I am fine with a little cleavage, it's the fact this dress just doesn't' want to stay where I want it too.  It's a walking "wardrobe malfunction" waiting to happen.  The straps seem to be to lose, regardless of the fact that I have tightened them as much as possible, and the length seems a bit too short for a long summer dress, and I am only 5'7". Well, respecting the challenge, I put my big girl panties on, literally, I put one of my generic slimmers on (FYI I want to try a real Spanx, Santa do you hear me?) then  I immediately paired it with a lace cami ($7 at Walmart) to hide some of my goodies, but not as much as I would have liked, now seeing the shots my husband took.  Of course my husband wasn't complaining as he took the pics.   I am also wearing a cardi from Old Navy bought online on clearance for under $10,  silver sandals from Payless also on clearance, a headband, silver owl earrings, filigree ring, and shell pendant necklace that I made, and can be found in my shop HERE.

Thanks honey for this shot, you cochino (dirty boy).
I hate this pic, but at least you can see my pretty earrings, necklace, and headband from my shop better.

My ring, available in my shop, and my crazy short locks in two messy knots.  Inspired by Lindsey's hair last linky.  I wore it once this week with three messy buns too, as Lindsey does.  My hair is layered and pretty short, I was pleased that it was still easy to do and stayed up all day.

Ok, so I better not be the only girl that bit the bullet and pulled an item out of her closet she is not to fond of and wore, not to mentioned shared pics, rrrr....
I have bought things from catalogs before and been happy, but this dress will be heading back, way back, so far back you can't see it in my closet.  At least I love all of my accessories, I guess I should, since I made them.  So what have you not been wearing? 

Linking up here and at the other lovely places I party (see right side bar for my library of linky love).
pleated poppy


  1. You look fab but I can understand not wanting to fall out of an outfit I have a couple like that I'm pretty sure that haven't seen the light of day or I might have accidentally given them away. hahaha have a great day.

  2. You look cute! Love your hair too! I had a dress very similar to that from VS...recently donated it. I wore a dress as well this weekend not because of a challenge but because my 3 year old wanted me to wear a dress like her (very unusual for me), felt odd all day waiting for something to peep out. I am sure you felt odd if you are anything like me, but you do look great!

  3. HAHA! Boobie Dress! LOL! Okay, sad but true story!
    When I got married, I took my mother, grandmother, BF, and her mom to help me pick out my dress. I fell in love with a strapless but I have about as much tata as I do baby toe. So while we there trying it on and I was in AWWW; my mother is throwing a tantrum like a 2-y-o crying and yelling (TG she did not throw herself on the floor) because she just knew I was going to "fall out of" my wedding dress. Ugh, well there was no peep show at the wedding, I did not earn any beads, and I still love that dress. If only it were appropriate to wear everyday!

  4. BUWWWAHAHAHAHa! Boobie dress, hilarious :) It's super cute, however I wouldn't be able to wear it. I'm a shorty..only 5' if I wear anything that shows cleavage it's very easy to see more..Tall men get enjoyment out of it lol :) Good for you for doing that challenge, that's awesome! Not everyone has the balls to do it. I love all your accessories! Super cute :) Have an awesome day!

  5. thanks for stopping by. I love the dress and the hair super cute. And LOVE the headband, one of my obsessions lately.
    This was my 3rd week posting so I understand being new. I'll try and stop by on Friday to link up. I don't know if I'll have a chance as I'll be doing the last minute scramble to get ready for a long weekend at the cottage.

  6. You look great in the dress! And my motto is, if you've got it...flaunt it! Spoken from a gal who's never had much in the booby or cleavage family! LOL! Seriously, I think it's fantastic that your hubby loves you in this dress. That's a sign of a happy and healthy marriage.


  7. Lovely, She is looking awesome and her outfit is charming.

  8. Simply stunning! I've never really tried to make tags before. Yours are absolutely amazing!


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