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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Desperate 4 Date Night Linky and 11 Year Wedding Anniversary Pics

My husband and I celebrate our 11 year wedding anniversary this week.  We had a date night in and had fun taking some romantic pics.

 We took lots of shots ;) but here are a few that I can share with you.
In the above pic I am wearing a headband I made, no longer in my shop, but If you want to order one let me know, $8 and free shipping. The lace bracelet I made for $1 and you can find a tutorial for it on this blog on the DIY page. My cami is from Victoria Secrets (hard to see), and lots of costume pearls (not wearing much else, he he he).
 I must mention the crazy hair, I had just taken my hair out of a bun and this is what I ended up with.  My hair is somewhat naturally curly, after being in a bun for a couple hours is gets kind of crazy.
I know my arm looks awkward.  This is actually my wedding dress from 11 years ago. 
Since I have lost so much weight since that day, I was holding the back tight so it would look more fitted.  Rosette necklace I won from the shop Statement by Tootsie. I still love my simple dress.  I think I will have it taken in, maybe we can renew our vows and I can wear it again someday. This picture is a reflection in a mirror.  My husband of course took all of the pics.  He has been studying photography, and loves every time I am willing to pose for him.

I had just painted my toes that day to match a blue outfit I was wearing, I tried to make tree branches in black and glitter blue on them. They ended up matching the sheets, so I had Jerry take a pic. I know my toes are creepy long but they do look a little prettier dressed in pearls.

This might be my favorite pic of the night.  I love that the focus is not me but of the pretty strand of pearls dangling from my feet.

If you are going to leave comments please be kind.  I am in no way a model nor claim to be.  I have serious issues that I deal with on a daily basis with self image.  I have struggled with anorexia in earlier years.  Although I have conquered those demons, I still struggle with seeing myself in a positive way.  Having lost a lot of weight and having had two kids, there are certain things I will never be comfortable with on my body.  If you are with me in this boat, I encourage you even more so to take pics like these and conquer your fears.  It's nice that I have someone like my husband by my side telling me how beautiful I am.  Although I don't see what he sees, I have learned to not argue with him, and take the complement with grace.  I know that through loving eyes he will always see me in a way I only dream I could.  For my loving husband, I am truly blessed.

Well that's my date night.  If you haven't ever had a photography date night in, I suggest you try it.  You will want to use a digital camera of course, easy to view, easy to delete :) 
Now it's time to share your date night adventures...

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  1. You look great and you won a giveaway over on my blog!

  2. You look gorgeous Mindie! It looks like yall had a wonderful 11 year anniversary! Love the toes...great color!

  3. OOh! I love the messy style of your hair and your headband. VERY cute! I am so glad you came to my blog and commented so I found your fun blog!!! xoxo

  4. Hey Mindie the toes and pearls was a great idea, I have creepy long toes too. My second toe is so long that everyone jokes it looks like a finger on my foot! Your look very normal..promise and I love the blue polish

  5. I love the pictures!! Happy anniversary to ya'll!! =D

  6. You are gorgeous!! LOVE the photos! They are so cool and artsy!
    Happy anniversary and many more....

  7. Hot Momma! LOVE your pics, your hubby is truly talented, and he is so very lucky to have such a stunning wife, you are gorgeous Mindie, inside and out :) Glad you two had such a wonderful anniversary!

  8. Thanks ladies, you all are so sweet.

  9. I think these pictures are lovely! :) Happy 11 year anniversary also!~ This year will be our 11th also. Kind of crazy that so many years can go by so quickly!
    ~Lisa @

  10. I think you look absolutely beautiful, Mindie. I think many of us can relate to being our own worst critic. I'm glad you've got a great hubby by your side to help you see how beautiful you are.

    Happy Anniversary!

    Tracy Screaming Sardine

  11. Now that my friend is an awesome date night! I would have NEVER thought of that!!! No need to have any self image issues darling, you are beautiful. You may not be a model but you could sure fool the world. That last pic is exquisite. Your hubby has some mad photography skills!!!

  12. thanks, Mindie! I love this idea!

  13. and your toes? ADORABLE.

  14. Your photos turned out GREAT! What a fun night. I did something similar when my hubby was preparing for deployment. My little one wasn't very old and I still had the baby fat and weighed more than I ever had in my life, I can understand struggling with your self image and I'm so glad that you pushed passed that and still did this fun date!

    PS- Your dress is beautiful! And I love the toes. (I have creepy long toes too!)

  15. I think I just became your 100th networkedblogs follower! What do I win? ;)

    LOVE your date night pics! That lace bracelet is an awesome cuff. Big and yet feminine (like me).

    I followed you here from Real Momma, Real Style.


  16. Beautiful Mindie! Your hair is so pretty! Love all of your fun accessories!

  17. You look stunning! Beautiful. I gotta do this with my husband!

  18. You ARE beautiful, you look fabulous. Love the hair, the headband, the dress. Great pics.

  19. What an awesome idea for date night!!! Gorgeous!

  20. Congrats on the wedding anniversary, we celebrated our 10th last week. Love your photos, so sexy yet tasteful. You look amazing.


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