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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Desperate 4 Date Night Monthly Linky #1

I know not all of us are "Desperate Housewives" like myself, in need of a date night.
  If you and your significant other already rock at keeping date night, making time for each other, and building passion in your life, then this linky is for you.  Share with a "desperate 4 date night" mommy like myself, how you keep the fire burning.  Share your date nights, your perfectly picked out duds, where you dined, what you ate, where you went, what you did, maybe even some juicy tips on how you keep your relationship fresh
Remember to keep it non pornographic please,on your post that is ;)
Now if you are struggling to keep date night going in your own relationship, then this linky is perfect for you too.  Let other's inspire you to try new things, and take a little time out of each month to celebrate your love.  Maybe you didn't get date night this month, or even this year, (trust me I understand), then maybe you need to write a post about a dream date night.  Then maybe drop your lover a hint that they should read your post. The idea is to keep our relationships healthy.  Do I need a linky to keep me on tract, yes, apparently I do.   You see, I have been with out a stable babysitter for over 4 years now.   I need help, and I am calling on all my bloggy girlfriends to help inspire me and hold me accountable.
Singles, I want those date nights too.  From the worst date ever, to this might be "the one".  Inspire me with your romantic posts, or give me a laugh with your date night from hell stories.  I just might have a few tales to tell myself from years ago. 
Grab that button to add to your post and blogs please, and help spread the word!
And yes, if you have more then one date night a month (lucky lady), you are welcome to link up as many "date night" posts  as you have.  The linky will be open for one month, and a new Desperate 4 Date Night linky will start on the 2nd Thursday of every month. 

You will be able to find this linky on the right side bar too, just click the "Desperate 4 Date Night" button pic.


  1. i loveeeeeeeeeee this linky! my hunny & i were JUST talking about how we need a date night last night. i def will be playing along next time because this is obviously a sign that YES -- we do need to make a date night asap!

    also i wanted to thank you for the great comment you left on my blog -- i just read your weight loss story and i just wrote a post about following something similiar to what you did -- eat less, move more sorta thing.

    again thank you -- i def will be stalkin' your fantastic blog on a regular basis!

    misadventures of a chunky goddess
    the purple goddess

  2. Um. I can't show my pics of sweatpants and mcdonalds...LOL!

  3. Mimi you crack me up, and hey a Mcdonalds date could be fun, maybe you could take a hot fudge sunday home and enjoy it together ;)

  4. Just found your blog and looking forward to the next desperate for date night!


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