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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Candy Corn Inspired Scarf and Crochet Video Tutorial

This week my "What I Have Been Wearing" post is coming a little early since I will be busy with Blogmania next week.  It is also including a tutorial for this fun candy corn inspired scarf.

 I love Fall and all the things that make it extra special like pumpkins and candy corn.  I wanted to make a candy corn scarf , so I checked out a few on Etsy before making my own.  I wanted one that wasn't your typical bright white, orange, and yellow.  One that I could enjoy wearing all through Fall.  I ended up choosing ARAN (a winter off white color), CARROT (surprisingly the Pumpkin color at the store was to bright), and CORNMEAL (a soft not bright yellow).  I found my 100% Acrylic machine washable yarn at Walmart.  I bought one roll /364 yards of each color.  You will have more then enough yarn to make two scarves if you choose to (maybe more depending on size).  I made mine extra big, measuring approximately 11 inches wide and 73 inches long (not counting tassels).  I like a generous size scarf, living in Northern Cali where we have long cold snowy winters.  Of course you could make a smaller scarf if you like for children, or even an extra wide shorter one to use as a wrap.   I will be sharing a tutorial for two different types of  candy corn inspired rings later this month :)

The lighting is making this look like a brighter white then it is in person.
The scarf is Aran color on both ends with matching tassels. I cut the tassels to form a point (like a candy corn has on top), longest in the middle, shortest at the ends,  Two segments of Carrot color, and a middle segment of Cornmeal color.  I used  a 6.50 MM crochet needle for the entire scarf.

I want to state that I am in no way an expert at crochet.  In fact I have never made anything from a pattern.  My mom showed me years ago how to do some basic scarves, hats, and flowers.  Instead of attempting to write a pattern (I have no idea what that would look like), let me just share this video I made to show you how I make a basic scarf.

Well I hope you found the video helpful.
(I realize watching someone crochet is about as fun as watching paint dry). 

The brown dress and belt are both from Walmart.  The cardigan is by Xhilaration, and I think is from Target. 

The boots from Scheels, super comfortable.

The hair is super easy, twisted on both sides, and pulled into two messy low buns in the back.
You can find a tutorial for these earrings and more on my DIY page and available in my shop
 TLC Creations.

Happy Fall Fashion!

Check out my Linky Love page to see where I party.


  1. OH!!! LOVE that outfit! Did you make the button ring too?? I want it! :)

    Can't wait to watch your You Tube video...I can NOT crochet a scarf...I've tried but it ends up being the SHAPE of a candy corn. LOL

  2. I will be sharing a tutorial for the ring soon, it was super easy. Thanks for your sweet comment MiMi.

  3. very crafty! i love all the accessories and the boots

  4. I love it!

    I think candy corn must be popular inspiration this week! You make a beautiful scarf, I make candy corn inspired marble nails....I like the way you think!! if you need more candy corn inspiration <3

  5. What a gorgeous scarf!! Beautiful! You know, it's interesting that you mention the colors you considered. I also often find that pumpkin is too bright for me (to wear).


  6. Everything is so beautiful! The scarf, the ring, the earrings!! YOU!! LOVE!

  7. So cute, I LOVE this scarf, love that it's orange and that you called it candy corn and that you made it! Talented girl! :)

  8. so cute! i need to get the knitting needles back's finally fall weather!
    love the "candy corn" colors!!


  9. I love it all - the scarf (crochet, I cannot - boo!) the earrings, hair .. and I LOVE your boots!

    Thanks for post, you're making me want to take a crochet class!! (Because I have sooooo much time to learn a new skill! Haha!)

  10. Hi Mindie, I just love the candy corn scarf. It is adorable. Thanks for sharing. I recently found your blog and am now following. Please pop on over to my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. I would love that. Hugs, Chris


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