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Monday, October 3, 2011

Promoting Your Jewelry Line with Custom Tags

Those that follow my blog, know that I love to make, sell, and wear jewelry.  With so many great shops to choose from, how can you make your line stand out and be remembered?  Well I have an answer for you, custom tags.  I know what your thinking, how do I begin to find time to make custom tags for all of my designs. Well guess what, Charm Factory can make them for you at a reasonable price.

 Design them yourself, choosing your tags shape, material, font, logo, or monogram.  It's easy to order exactly what you want, just check out their great selection HERE.

Charm Factory sent me 25 tags to review.  I chose the sterling silver heart tags with an engraved monogram of "TLC" for my shop TLC Creations.  Now when someone orders a necklace or bracelet from my shop, even after the packaging is long gone, they will remember who made their jewelry.  When someone complements on their jewelry, they will easily be able to identify who made it and where it came from, helping to market your design further.  Custom tags can help your shop stand out in a crowd, promote your jewelry, and provide a polished finished look to your work.  So the question is, what tag is right for your shop.  I love how my new tags look on my own designs.

What a pretty way to promote your designs.

I love how it gives my necklaces a finished look.

The tags are so pretty, I even added one to my Charming Mothers Ring.

Thanks again Charm Factory for your beautiful tags and quick reliable service.


  1. What a great idea, super super cute. Your right, it does make the product look more "finished". I mostly make earrings so this wouldn't work for me, but I love them!

  2. These are ADORABLE!!! Need some right now

  3. Those are adorable!!! I wish I could make jewelry...maybe that should be my goal for 2012.

  4. wow - cute. I wish I got into making jewelry. I like the second one the best!

  5. Those are adorable, I have always wanted to get little tags like this for my jewelry... but the places I saw were too expensive. I will have to check out this site and compare prices! Thanks for the heads up! :)

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