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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Breaking Dawn Giveaway Winners !!!! (All 66 of Them)

Well I didn't think I would ever finish drawing the random winners using  I started working on it last night and woke up extra early to finish (who loves ya babe?).  Drawing the numbers was the easy part.  The hard part was then checking to see if folks follow with GFC publicly
(btw many folks lost out because they don't, and I stated in the giveaway post that you need to) .
Then of course silly blogger won't let you see more then 200 comments at a time, so with 1672 entries, I was going back and forth a lot.  I did my absolute best to keep it as fair as possible.  If the comment you won on was for a prize that was already taken, I tried to give you the next item you entered for (if possible).  Like I said. I would not disqualify you from winning more then once, and as you can see several folks were very lucky. 

 To keep this as short and sweet as possible, I am simply listing the Giveaway # below, and the person that won.  If you had a very common GFC account name, I tried to add the name of your blog or part of your email address, so that there would be know question of who won.
Here is the link to the giveaway post, because I know you will all want to refer to it, to see what you won.
Original Giveaway Post

Congratulations to you all.  Please leave a comment below if you won, and contact me via email at to claim your prizes.  I will be taking the rest of the day off, because if I sit for another straight 8 hours (yes it's been 8 hours) my back will never forgive me. I will start checking my emails on Monday and start forwarding your email address to the the sponsors.

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Giveaway #1 Mimi
Giveaway #2 jenna @ redshadow
Giveaway #3 i-am-amazed
Giveaway#4 trublujo
Giveaway#5 Tealovinglady
Giveaway#6 cupcakemama
Giveaway#7 Jenna @ redshadow
Giveaway#8 MrsFoxsSweets
Giveaway#9 Jessica @ Gracie Belle Creations
Giveaway#10 Trisha @ Mom on Time Out
Giveaway#11 Stevie @ More Babies
Giveaway#12 Linda Meyers-Gabbard
Giveaway#13 Kathy Pease
Giveaway#14 Kluckingbear
Giveaway#15 Lulu
Giveaway#16 MrsFoxsSweets
Giveaway#17 Angelia @ angelnetinc
Giveaway#18 Kitty from Neko Knits
Giveaway#19 MrsFoxsSweets
Giveaway#20 Erin @ ohradishes44
Giveaway#21 MrsFoxsSweets
Giveaway#22 Mimi
Giveaway#23 Marija
Giveaway#24 Erin @ ohradishes44
Giveaway#25 Dovile
Giveaway#26 Szappanbubi
Giveaway#27 Marija
Giveaway#28 Surge
Giveaway#29 Jennifer at Miss Maggie's Place
Giveaway#30 Damla Sweepstakes Lover
Giveaway#31 Emily from Insanity Rules
Giveaway#32 Damla Sweepstakes Lover
Giveaway#33 Diana (Demitra Giote)
Giveaway#34 Diana (Demitra Giote)
Giveaway#35 Mimi
Giveaway#36 Marie from My Lil Pink Pocket
Giveaway#37 Emily from Insanity Rules
Giveaway#38 Jana from Lapine Design
Giveaway#39 Damala (Sweepstakes Lover)
Giveaway#40 Emily from Insanity Rules
Giveaway#41 Lulu
Giveaway#42 Jana from Lapine Design
Giveaway#43 cupcakemama
Giveaway#44 deanna from deanna time
Giveaway#45 Mrs. Fox's Sweets
Giveaway#46 Mrs. Fox's Sweets
Giveaway#47 Esavingsblog
Giveaway#48 Kathy Pease
Giveaway#49 Mimi
Giveaway#50 Hot Apple Pie
Giveaway#51 Jenna @ Redshadow
Giveaway#52 Yto
Giveaway#53 thefamilyjewlz
Giveaway#54 Diana (Demitra Giote)
Giveaway#55 Lulu
Giveaway#56 Marie from My Lil Pink Pocket
Giveaway#57 Szappanbubi
Giveaway#58 Xoffer
Giveaway#59 Kathy Pease
Giveaway#60 Katy from Little Insights
Giveaway#61 MiLulu
Giveaway#62 Yto
Giveaway#63 Damala (Sweepstakes Lover)
Giveaway#64 Valerie Taylor Mabrey
Giveaway#65 Diana (Demitra Giote)
Giveaway#66 Dovile


  1. Wow-wee! Yeah me! I guess all those entries I put in paid off! Thank you and all of the sponsors :) This is a great end to a holiday weekend!

  2. Yay mee!!!! SO EXCITED! I really haven't won much at all of anything lately! :)

  3. YAY!! So excited thanks for hosting such a great giveaway!

  4. Yay, I can't believe I won 3 of the giveaways!!!
    Thank you

  5. I'm a winner! I'll be sending you an email. Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

  6. wow I won and I didn't even finish posting for all the hearts and likes i did to enter!

  7. Yeah! I'm #14 kluckingbear! Thanks for hosting!

  8. Hi! I'm excited I won #38 and #42!

  9. Thank you very much!!! I'm excited, congratulations to everyone!

  10. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I didn't expect to win one giveaway, so imagine my happiness now) I sent you an email)

  11. Yay! I can't believe I won two!! #25 and #66! Awesome!

  12. Woooo -- I won 23 and 27! Thank you so so much for doing this giveaway :)

  13. Thank you for those that have checked in with a comment and emailed me thus far. I have forwarded your contact info to the sponsors. :)

  14. i've sent you an email ^^ thank you again for the amazing giveaway.

  15. Yay! I'm the winner of four giveaways! (30-32-39-63) I sent you an e-mail! Thank you!

  16. I won #29.I Will send you an email. Thank you so much for doing this. You made my day!

  17. Thanks for checking commenter's. I have forwarded your info to the sponsors.

  18. WOOOOOHOOOO!!! Thank you sooooooooooooo very much Mindie and all the wonderful sponsors :)

  19. I'm so excited! I never win anything! This made my day!

  20. Woo Hoo I'm a winner #12
    thank you
    I emailed my info in reply to the email I received.


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