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Friday, November 4, 2011

More Mark Downs @ TLC Creations and FREE SHIPPING!

Ring Filigree Bella RoseRing Cocktail Rose

Ring Filigree Black & White BeautyRing Bella Purity Flower

Rings $6.99

Earrings Eiffel TowerEarrings for Paris

Tower earrings $2.99

Necklace Apple Forbidden FruitNecklace White Cat's Eye Ice Cold Apple

Apple necklace $6.99
Earrings White Roses Purity PetalsOwl Earrings

Rose earrings $1.99, and owl earrings $3.99

Necklace Bronze Let the Caged Bird FlyEarrings Bronze Let the Caged Bird Fly
$4.99 bird love necklaces and earrings only $3.99!

Necklace Bronze Bird CageEarrings Silver or Bronze Bird Cages
$4.99 each, bird cage necklace and earrings.

I have so many great deals at my shop right now, I hope you will check it out, this is only a few of the items available.  I am hoping to clear some items out to make room for some new designs.  Guess what, TLC Creations will soon be offering lovely rosette shoe clips!!! 

Just because I love my followers so much, anyone that sees this post, and would like to purchase three items or more from my shop in one order, will be able to use the coupon code "shipsfree" for of course FREE SHIPPING!!!!


  1. Seriously! Christmas shopping. :)

  2. I got your order it will be out tomorrow in the mail with a little something extra :)


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