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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Taste Testing Carapelli Olive Oil

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Carapelli for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
If you know me, or have read my blog, then you know I am the "Hungry Hungry Hypo".  So I was thrilled when asked to write a review, and perform a taste test, for Carapelli Olive Oil.
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Did you know that Carapelli's headquarters are right outside of the beautiful city of Florence, so it should come as know surprise that they have been producing the best olive oil since 1893.  They reign as Italy's No. 1 extra virgin olive oil.  As a leader in olive oil, Carapelli has instituted a quality certification program that far exceeds standards in Europe and the United States.  They do this, because they want to bring us all the best olive oil possible.  Their Master Tasters bring us 3 varieties of premium olive oil, made from the finest Mediterranean olive groves.  Those three varieties include, Premium 100% Italian, II Numerato, and Organic.
The Organic brand is certified USDA organic. II Numerato is described as extremely smooth, with low acidity, a result of a delicate cold pressing of olives. Premium 100% Italian is described as having a robust taste and aroma.  Today I will be sharing my taste test for II Numerato.
When performing a taste test of olive oil, there are certain rules you want to stick with, just as you would at a wine tasting.  Just remember the "Four S's":
1. Swirl- This will help release the aromas of the oil.
2. Sniff- Now inhale deeply, the aroma is the key to the fruitiness of the oil.
3. Slurp- Yes sip the oil while you sip in a bit of air too, this "slurping" action will spread the oil through your mouth.  Take note of the various taste and sensations.
4. Swallow- The good oil, should leave your mouth with no aftertaste.
Now for my taste test results for II Numerato, using the "Four S's".  Before swirling, their was not much aroma. After swirling, a  very light delicate aroma was present, sort of like a faint sweet flower smell when I sniffed deeply. When I slurped, the oil, it tasted very smooth, and when I swallowed I was left with no aftertaste.  It was very good.  After tasting, I knew I could enjoy it so many ways.  As a dip for breads, drizzled over pasta, or ripe veggies.  The flavor was mild, so it would work well with so many things.  
I hope you will all try this fine oil for yourself.  Here is a $1.00 OFF coupon at to use on your next purchase.

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