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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Bottle Cap Necklaces

Necklace Bottle Cap (Your Choice of Design)
Fun new items to shop!
So go nuts, keep calm, and bite me (that last one is for my Twilight fans).
Only $2.99 all on generously long sued cords, buy here.
I have  more fun designs that I have been working on, but they are still wet.  I am waiting for supplies to arrive, and will be adding some bottle cap rings soon as well.  For the owl lovers, I have some great new designs that should be ready in the beginning of the new year.  So that's what I have been up to. Time to stop crafting and get back to housework.  My house was a lot cleaner a year ago, before I started blogging.  Oh so much to do, so little time, that is always my story.

Happy Cleaning Crafting!


  1. Seriously?? 2.99??? That's awesome.
    Hey, did you get my email with my winner's preference??

  2. So cute... I LOVE the apple one.. :)

  3. I love all and i know where to get it from. It is-:Bottle Cap Necklaces


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