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Friday, May 25, 2012

Anything Goes Linky #51, Free Advertising, & Yarn Ice Cream Cone Jewelry Tutorial

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Yarn Ice Cream Cone Earrings/Charm/Pendant Tutorial

A while back I shared a pic of these cute earrings I made for my shop.  I promised a tutorial, and have been struggling to work it into my schedule. I thought I would go ahead and share a  tutorial  for them here today. The materials used for these fun earrings, perfect for Summer, are very affordable.  They do take a little bit of practice to make.  I have been making them for my Summer craft fair. Occasionally I still have one or two that go in the trash. I think  these miniature cones are well worth a second chance.  I hope you will give them a try.  

Earrings Ice Cream Cone Cuties Pretty Please with a Cherry On Top

Materials Needed For 1 Pair of Ice Cream Cone Earrings:
(note: you could add a jump loop instead of earring findings to turn this into a charm or a pendant)

Brown Yarn or Twine
White, Pink, or Whatever Color Yarn You Want For Ice Cream Scoop
2 Safety Pins, The smaller the pin the smaller your earrings will be
Hook Earring Findings with Bead
Red Permanent Marker
Hot Glue
Needle Nose Jewelry Pliers


Put a little bit of hot glue on the closure part of your safety pin. This will be the bottom of your cone.  Start by covering the bottom with twine or brown yarn.  Then continue wrapping your brown twine or yarn around the bottom half of your safety pin.  You will wrap it more times around as you move up the safety pin, so that it takes the shape of a waffle cone.  As you are wrapping you should be able to hide the hot glue under your yarn or twine.  Once you are done with your cone portion, cut yarn/twine and hot glue down end, use glue sparingly as to make it unnoticeable. Next grab the yarn you will be using for the ice cream, and in the same fashion cover the top half of your safety pin. Put a little hot glue down on the safety pin to secure yarn. This time you will wrap yarn around several times to make it round like a scoop of ice cream.  You should cover the hot glue that you put down with yarn, so you no longer see it.  Once you are done wrapping, put a tiny dab of hot glue down on the last end piece of yarn.  Don't wrap so much yarn that you can't get to the end loop of the safety pin.  This is what you will attach your earring finding to. Using your permanent marker color the bead on your earring finding red, now it will resemble a cherry on top. Using your needle nose pliers, attach your earring finding to the end loop on the safety pin.  Repeat all of above for second earring.

See Pictures Below for further guidance:
Supplies needed for earrings.

To make waffle cone, start by adding some hot glue to the closure portion of pin, then cover with brown yarn or twine.

Cover half of pin with brown yarn/twine, getting wider towards the middle. Glue down end piece of yarn, using glue sparingly.

Add a little more hot glue to the top portion of  the pin, and wrap with your different colored yarn several times to make scoop. Glue down end piece of yarn, using glue sparingly. 

Using your permanent marker, color your bead on the earring finding red to resemble a cherry on top.  If you prefer, you could remove the bead, and add a similar size red bead if you have it.
Using needle nose jewelry pliers open and close earring finding loop around the loop of the safety pin.

Repeat all of the above to make a second ice cream cone and complete your pair of earrings. 

Earrings Ice Cream Cone Cuties Pretty Please with a Cherry On Top
You can use speckled yarn like I did with these to resemble sprinkles on top! 
 I would love to know if you prefer the twine or yarn cones, and if you prefer the solid or speckled yarn for the ice cream scoop?  Let me know in a comment below.
If you would prefer, you can purchase a pair of these earrings from my shop for only $3.99 here.

Now that we have cooled off with my calorie free ice cream cone tutorial, onto our Anything Goes Linky!


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  14. Thank you for hosting, Mindie! Have a great weekend!

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  16. Thanks for hosting, Mindie.
    Your earrings are such cuties!

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