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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Berry Patriotic Jello Shots for Adults

I was reminiscing, trying to remember when I had my last jello shot.  I know I had one, well maybe a few, oh who am I kidding, a lot, in college.  I can't recall having them any other time.  Seeing that I graduated from college back in 1999, I would say I am over due for a fun jello shot. Jello shots are great when entertaining. It's a small cocktail and dessert, all in one easy to make, and clean up package.  How about celebrating this coming 4th of July with one Berry Patriotic Jello Shot.  I made mine in  red  clear Solo cups, looking pretty, and being easy to serve.  I kept mine on the lighter side using some sugar free jello and light whipped topping.
Each jello shot has a little over 1 ounce of flavored vodka in it, making it smaller then a typical shot, which is equal to 1 1/2 ounces. Please enjoy responsibly

Makes 14 Jello Shot Servings:
1 Package of Berry Blue JELL-O
1 Package of Raspberry JELL-O (I used Sugar Free)
1 Cup of Smirnoff Blueberry Vodka, chilled
1 Cup of  Smirnoff Raspberry Vodka, chilled
1 (8 ounce tub) of Light Whipped Topping
1/2 Package Jet-Puffed Star Mallows, a.k.a. marshmallows
2 Cups of boiling water 

Start by mixing your blue jello with one cup of boiling water.  Stir until jello is dissolved. Add one cup of chilled blueberry vodka, and stir.  Poor evenly into your 14 clear Solo cups or serving glasses.  Cover with plastic wrap, and set in fridge to firm up.  Once your bottom layer of blue jello is completely firm, you can make the next layer.  Mix your raspberry jello with 1 cup of boiling water, mix until dissolved. Then stir in your chilled raspberry vodka. Stick in fridge to chill, not firm up, only chill. You don't want to poor your raspberry jello on top of your blue jello, and melt the first layer.  Once your raspberry jello is cold, but not firm, pour it evenly on top of your firm blue jello. Then cover, and stick in fridge to firm up.  Before serving, put a small spoonful of light whipped topping and  1 to 3 star marshmallows on top for a festive decoration.

We shared these Berry Patriotic Jello Shooters with our friends at a recent costume party we attended. They were a big hit.!

Well that's what I have been making, what have you been up to?  Please share at our Anything Goes linky every Friday to Monday.

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  1. True story: I've never had a jello shot.

  2. I have never made these, had a few though;p

  3. Never heard of these before, so these will be a great TRY IT when we go on our July 4th vacation :) Thanks for sharing your recipe!

  4. shared a summer drink on my blog yesterday one many including my sister in law enjoy I will be keeping this recipe to share with friends and family as well thanks for sharing come see me at

  5. That is the prettiest jello shot I have ever seen. Those college kids wielding jello shots have nothing on you :)

  6. Wow...gorgeous and so yummy! AWESOME!!!

  7. I've seen these ones before and they look soo yummy!!!

  8. Yum! I LOVE raspberry vodka. I cant remember the last time I had a jello shot. I think I'm due for another real soon. Thanks for sharing on Whatcha Whipped Up Wednesday

  9. We might be seeing stars of another type after a few of these! lol.
    Thanks so much for linking up at I Gotta Create!
    <3 Christina

  10. I am learning so much about the proper use of flavored liquors from you. Thank you for sharing your patriotic recipe with us on foodie friday.

  11. Love this! So going to make these for 4th of July. Thanks for sharing at Creative Thursday

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