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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pics From Our Trip To San Francisco

Me ready for our rode trip to San Francisco, wearing my new frugal chevron print dress, purchased recently at Walmart. 

Always remember to have cash in your pocket when traveling to San Francisco, for tolls at bridges and parking fees. 

Picture of Alcatraz taken from the car as we were going over the bridge. 

The hotel was amazing.  This is a picture of the communal dinning area in the lobby, where they serve an awesome breakfast, including large platters of bacon, and where they serve free libations and snacks to guest at night.  It's fair to say I had my share of wine, and long beaches last week.   My boys couldn't get enough of the huge coy pond.

Our room was on the 4th floor. We made it up to the 10th floor a few times, just to see the amazing view. It's very tropical, with plants everywhere you look outside your room.

View from the front door of our room, looking down towards the lobby.  A short elevator ride to the open bar at night.

Our room as you walk into the living room area.

 Mine and my husbands room for our stay.  The room was very nice, with 3 sinks, and it's own bar. 

I took the boys swimming a few times while we were there.  They both ended up having really bad colds while we were in San Francisco. We didn't make it to the zoo like I had hoped we would.

From our hotel we were walking distance to Oyster Point, so that was my workout routine for the week.  I would walk the kids there after our big complementary breakfast. I never even made it to the gym inside the hotel. 

Geese crossing!  I was having a light lunch with my boys at Oyster Point Marina when all these Geese started approaching the Marina.  We later learned the owners feed the Geese.  They were super nice, and invited my boys to join in on the fun. Brave Joshua actually petted one of the wild birds, I do not recommend this.  Luckily he didn't get pecked. 

I am pretty sure both of my boys contemplated bird napping this little goose. 

Where you catch the ferry at Oyster Point. 

We did make it to Pier 39.  I had my hands full with two sick kids, and didn't take to many pics while I was there. 

We made it to Wayfare Tavern, owned by one of my favorite sexy celebrity chefs Tyler Florence. 
 I didn't even attempt to take my two sick boys into such a lovely restaurant.  Instead I opted to get dessert take out. It was very good, I tried both the carrot cake and chocolate cream pie. No I didn't eat two entire desserts, as tempting as that maybe.  

I could not believe we found parking right across the street. Inside there was already a wait to be seated. 

Me and our take out from Wayfare Tavern. 

Yes Tyler decided to make us breakfast in bed, he felt so sad that both our kids were sick on vacation;)
Only kidding of course.

I had really hoped to take my boys shopping in China Town, but they were not feeling up to it.  We did drive around though. It's fun to see all of the festive lanterns and interesting shops. 

After visiting Pier 39, eating our take out dessert from Wayfare Tavern, driving through China Town,  and buying me this pink San Francisco sweatshirt, since I was freezing with the wind (boy do I look like a tourist), we rode two different F trains.  The second train was a more contemporary then the first one we road, which had vintage wood bench seating.  Lucas had a fever at this point, so it was hard to enjoy our trip because I was worried about him.  Jerry snapped a few pics of us snuggling on the old train. A women as she was getting off of the train, stopped to tell me that my baby and I were beautiful.  I wasn't feeling all that attractive after such an exhausting day.  The strangers sweet words were heart warming.

On our way back home we stopped off at M5 Industries Incorporated, which is where they film MythBusters.  Our oldest boy is a huge fan of the show. 

If you have never been to San Francisco, it's definitely worth a trip.  I hope to go back again soon, and hopefully next time our boys won't come down with a cold. 

Well that's what I have been doing, what have you been up to this Summer?  Please share at our anything goes linky every Friday. 

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  1. What a great vacation! Looks like you had a wonderful time!

  2. Love the photos from your vacation. Great colors and pattern in your dress.

  3. Great photos, I love the CITY! I miss living in California. I am new here so when I saw the photo of Tyler I was like, "Oh, she must be his wife." Then I saw you were kidding so... cute maxis! :-)

  4. Love San Fran! How fun! Hope you had a great time!

  5. You visited at the perfect time here in the Bay area! So warm and sunny compared to usual! Glad you had fun! Next time travel 20 minutes down the coast and I'll show you are Pacifica and it's beaches and mountains!

    ~Michelle @ The Gluten Free Wife

  6. San Francisco is such a fun city! I'm glad you had some fun even with sick kiddos!

  7. I can't believe that top dress is from Wal-mart! It's super cute!

  8. Never would have guessed the dress is from Wal-Mart! Great colors, and great fit. I've been searching for the perfect maxi. That looks like a comfy and stylish thing to wear on a vacation!

  9. great pictures! i LOVE that dress!!!

  10. Lovely photo's, I am sorry your babies being sick during the trip.

  11. I love your dress find from Walmart! Cute :)

  12. Looks like such a fun trip...I hope to get out there some day!


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