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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wine Gift Baskets and Wine Basics

So my birthday is coming up, and if you are wondering what I would like, then look no further.  Of course I am only kidding, I don't expect gifts from my readers, but if my hubby is listening, he might take note that a wine gift basket like the one pictured above, would be greatly appreciated.   How romantic would that be, a bottle of wine nestled in a pretty colander with all the ingredients needed for a fine Italian feast, and romantic dinner for two. Of course if he does the cooking and dishes, even better. 

Have you ever walked through the wine isle at your local grocery store and felt overwhelmed? There are so many choices, that sometimes I have difficulty choosing, and knowing what will pair best with dinner. Don't even get me started on creating a wonderful gift basket, and picking the perfect wine to accompany my other items in the basket. There is usually no one there to help me with my selection in the store.  That is why I am so excited about At you will be able to order wine gift baskets that are already perfectly filled.  They are a bargain, considering how much you would spend buying each individual item in the store. For example the Tuscan Trattoria Italian Wine Gift Basket pictured above has a five star rating, and is only $59. It includes all that you see, the colander, the Banfi Col di Sasso a ruby red Tuscan blend wine, two bags of fine pasta, imported tomato basil sauce, pesto, and almond biscotti. Think about how much you would spend if you had to purchase these items individually, gift wrap them and ship them yourself, and then you have to prey you picked out a good wine.  Luckily does all the work for you. They have a fabulous assortment of wine gift baskets to choose from starting at $34.99.  You will find baskets perfect for anyone, from the cheese lover to chocoholic, all paired with the best wine. 
This basket has girls night in written all over it.  A Parducci Merlot paired perfectly with crackers, cheese, and chocolate. What more could a girl want?

Do you want to throw an adult cupcake party?  Then this Barefoot Contessa Cupcakes and Wine Gift Set is for you. You will be able to enjoy not only delicious coconut cake cream cheese frosted cupcakes, but the perfect Cupcake Chardonnay it is paired with.

So if you are looking for a single bottle of wine, trying to create a gift basket, need recommendations, or just want wine basics, head to

This is a sponsored post written entirely by me on behalf of through LinkVehicle. 100% of the opinions are mine. 


  1. My favorite wine is Rex-Goliath 47 lb. Rooster. It's the best Cab for the price. Try it, you will like it!

  2. Rex Goliath is awesome! I love Cupcake's Red Velvet, but my favorite wines aren't sold outside of central WA (small vineyards....come visit sometime and I'll introduce you to the most amazing Barbera ever!). :)

    1. Thanks for the invite, that would be fun. Both my husband and I want to go to Washington too. If we ever road trip I will message ya. I will buy the first bottle ;)

    2. I am sharing a Vino Velvet Cupcake I made using the Red Velvet Wine tomorrow!

  3. Wonderful blog post. This is absolute magic from you! I have never seen a more wonderful post than this one. You've really made my day today with this. I hope you keep this up!


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