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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The 40th Annual Chester 4th of July Craft Show & More Practice Booth Pics

It's finally here! I am so excited! This is a pic from a previous year. I attended but did not work as a vendor last year. Today I will be taking my online shop TLC Creations on the road to Chester, Ca.  I will be sure to take lots of pics, and share my experience at the Chester, Ca 40th Annual Craft Show.  Chester is a wonderful place to head for the 4th of July.  The craft fair is held outdoors at the park, that runs along the river. Chester, which is about an hour from my hometown, has a population of about 5,000, but the festivities typically draw a crowd of 20,000 people!  With a town 5K run, pancake social breakfast, parade, huge craft fair, BBQ lunch, and firework display, it's an amazing way to spend the holiday.  I am so excited to be apart of it all. Wish me luck, and have a wonderful 4th of July with your family. Below are a few pics of my practice booth.

 Did I mention I am running a Christmas in July SALE at the fair, buy 4 items get 1 FREE!

I really think my booth looks better in person. Keep in mind this is my practice 10x10 booth, set up in my living room, so the height of my canopy is set to low.  Once set up at the craft fair, the height will be raised, and my signs won't be covered by product.

Lots of NEW items!!!

I have lots of items for sale at the craft show today, that have not been seen in my shop, or on the blog!  Some really fun western style earrings, like tiny silver cowboy boots and hats, hamburger and donut cabochon earrings and rings, tiny porcelain tea cup earrings, dessert tea cup rings, Starbucks rings, real pearl earrings, vintage-y headbands, mustache wine charms, real pearl birds nest necklaces, Alice in Wonderland vintage playing card necklaces, antique bronze umbrella jewelry, large whimsical antique bronze eyeglass necklaces, new flower cabochon rings, bobby pins, and earrings, crocheted flower necklaces, cameo bobby pins, large cabochon owl necklaces, lots of new cupcake jewelry and bobby pins, holiday jewelry, new lace cuff bracelets, anklets for summer, miniature china plate and saucer rings, with a lovely floral print, collectible miniature porcelain pitcher necklaces, and much much more!

Just a few of my many new items!

I have mirrors at each table, one thing I forgot to do at my very first show, and it was requested a lot.  I also have a few collapsible canvas hand held shopping baskets for shoppers to use.

This is my check out zone. Did I mention, I now accept credit cards. I use Square, with a swipe card reader,   it runs quickly and securely through my cellular phone!  I can even text customers a receipt, and save paper and time! I am loving my fingerprint safe, I hosted a giveaway and review for one a while back.  I also have free candy, and crocheted flower pins to pass out to shoppers (while supplies last).  I made a fun kids play zone, so mom can have her hands free to shop ;)

So that's what I have been doing, what have you been up to? Please share at our Anything Goes linky every Friday to Monday.

To see where I party, check out my LINKY LOVE page. 

Happy 4th of July!


  1. Love your booth, the pink would totally invite me to stop in! I've always wanted to do a craftfair, but its kind of scary. Maybe someday... Best of luck and hoping for lots of sales for you!

  2. HOLY CRAP!! That's a lot of peeps! I hope you make BANK friend! I know you will. If I lived within 2 hours even, I'd be there!!


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