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Monday, July 30, 2012

J2 Photography and A Country Wedding Reception

My husband is a wonderful photographer, and is making time in his schedule to take on more clients. He recently photographed a wedding reception. He took some amazing photographs of the lovely couple, but I don't want to share their faces on here without consent. I will however share some of the decoration pics he took.  If you live in Northern California, and are in need of a photographer for a wedding, reception, gag booth, boudoir, babies, or bellies, please email him at


  1. Those Pictures are lovely. Your hubby is quite the catch. Thanks for sharing those pictures. I'd love to see the wedding pictures if and when you get permission.
    Hope you are having a wonderful day.
    Rose @ A Rosie Sweet Home

  2. Thanks so much for sharing at Home Sweet Garden this week! ♥ Brooke ♥


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