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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Petit Amuse Specialty Food Review and Giveaway

Petit Amuse is a San Francisco based company that brings you sample boxes of gourmet food, that you probably would not be able to find locally.  Petit Amuse helps food lovers discover delicious artisan treats made by small, specialty producers across the country, and even the globe.  For only $10/mo. customers can subscribe to receive a different box of 3-4 samples of specialty foods each month.  The sample box is really fun and an amazing deal!  The sample box they sent me actually had 5 different items to enjoy.  My family certainly did love them all. I tried each and every item.  They all were unique and tasty. My kids favorite was the Sun Dried Tomato & Parmesan Popcorn.  As a wine lover, my favorite was the Ice Wine Jelly.  

Their underlying goal is to help small food producers compete with large, mass-producers that control most major distribution channels (which is why small-batch artisan foods can be really hard to find).  They are working to create a place where people can discover quality foods (you know what's in it and where it comes from) and then purchase them at an inexpensive price.  In fact, they actually make zero profit on the sample boxes.  They just want to introduce as many people as possible to what they've been missing. What an inspiring company Petit Amuse is.

Petit Amuse has offered to give one Bacon Time follower a FREE sample box!  For a chance to win, please use the Rafflecopter Form below.
Open to US residents only.


  1. This looks like a fun product! I entered and thank you for making the entries easy! Sometimes around the blogsphere, entries for giveaways get so complicated for an inexpensive giveaway that I just don't bother.

  2. These products look so good. This giveaway will give people a chance to become familiar with this brand. Thank you for and easy entry.

  3. Thanks for the easy entry, it's much appreciated.


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