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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

What I Wore To Go Craw Daddin'

I had the most fun (something I have been in need of) last Monday with my boys. We all went craw fishing. It was my first time going. I loved it! I was so proud of myself, I even picked up one of the yucky craw fish.  They remind me of a big cockroach. Little Lucas caught the biggest one of the day. He had so much fun fishing, however he didn't want to touch them, can't say I blame him. 

If you have never been craw fishing I highly recommend it. It's easy for little ones, since you don't have to be good at casting. We used beef liver as bate. You simply tie the liver to your string and stick. We moved down the creek as we fished that day. 

Our catch for the day, looks like a lot, but there is not a lot of meat on them, so it takes several to feed a family.

All cooked up! 

So that's what I have been wearing, doing, and cooking.  Enjoying my time off. I go back to work full time on the first of August, with my previous employer, as his physical therapy aide. Lucas is all signed up for a great preschool and daycare. He can't wait to go. He has been begging to go to school for a year now.  Wish us both luck!

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  1. I was wondering what your job would be. :)
    I couldn't ever catch OR cook those things...they look like bugs!

  2. YUM! Being from Cajun Country, I am a HUUUUGE fan of Crawfish! When it is crawfish season, everyone is out at the little cajun hot spots eatin it all up! Typically, an average serving for an adult is 5lbs with the shell!! I could eat that plus more...easily! We boil potatoes, corn, sausage, mushrooms and onions with them in a cajun crab boil!! We dip them in a mixture of mayo, ketchup and spices. How did you prepare them? What seasonings? I am always curious to hear how other folks cook those little "mudbugs":)

  3. We LOVE and miss crawfish! Fun pictures!

  4. I grew up in Texas and we called these "crawdads". We used to have family re-unions at the time of year they were abundant, pour them out on a newspaper covered picnic table and everybody dig in, YUM! It is so cool to see your little ones going "fishing" for crawdads.


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