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Friday, August 10, 2012

Anything Goes Linky #62 and Good News

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Good News!

I know many of you have sent prayers and love my way, and I wanted to thank you all.  I never announced publicly what was going on in my personal life, I only shared with a few close blog buddies the broken heart I have been dealing with. They know who they are, and I want to thank them for the shoulder to cry on.  Their support along with all of your prayers have seen me through.  I won't go into details, but over the last month I have been fighting to keep my family together.  I am happy to announce that my husband and I are doing great!  I feel that we have emerged a stronger, happier, healthier, and passionate couple. We are still very much in love after 16 years together. Thanks again for all of your prayers and support. 

Guest Bloggers Wanted!

I am working full time once again in physical therapy. I love my job, however it doesn't leave me with much time for blogging. I will continue to have an open door policy for guest bloggers.  All guest posts will be shared on Twitter, Triberr, Pinterest, and Facebook. If you would like to guest post an original recipe, craft, DIY, or fashion post, please email me at

Now let's PARTY!


  1. Thanks so much for hosting Mindie!

  2. Thank you for hosting! So glad to hear your family is doing well. Have a great weekend!
    Blessings, Nici

  3. I am glad everything's OK. Sending my love!

  4. Back to work?!?! Sigh... Hubby keeps wanting me to go back to work... I don't wanna!
    Thanks for hosting. Have a relaxing weekend.

  5. Thank you for sharing that- our society likes to pretend that couples are either in love or out of it, but I've found that the truth is we fall in and out of love with the same person all the time, and the TRUE measure of a relationship's success is the willingness of the partners within it to work together to strengthen that bond.

    Congratulations! :)

  6. I'm happy to hear that things are looking up! Thanks for hosting the party each week.

  7. So pleased that it has all worked out for you. Thanks again for hosting - linking up as usual :)


  8. Im really glad things are working out mindie. Much love aimee Xxxxxxx

  9. Thought you would enjoy the giveaway I'm hosting right now! ;) Who doesn't like bacon? LOL

  10. Thank you so much for hosting. I am glad to hear things are on the mend!

  11. I'm so glad things are better for you, Mindie. I feel like your mother, but you helped me through Krissi's wreck and I've been thinking of you and praying for you a lot. You're a strong, beautiful girl and it will all work out for you. Greg and I have been married for 37 years and we've had stumbles along the way, but I wouldn't change those stumbles for anything. It just made us stronger. God Bless.

    On a side note, I'm ready to kill Greg today! Lol!

    1. Thank u so much for all the love. I hope u and your daughter are doing well.

  12. Praise God... thank you for the update!

  13. Mindie,
    Thanks for hosting! Have a wonderful week :)

  14. Thanks for hosting! Glad there is good news on the home front! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  15. Mindie, thank you for sharing about your personal life, I know how hard it must have been. Thank the good Lord that you two are doing so much better now. Marriage is as hard as motherhood... why didn't the TV shows show that when we were young? Love you, Jen @ frazzled5


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