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Sunday, November 25, 2012

DIY Snowman Ring

I love this time of year, and enjoy making and wearing whimsical holiday jewelry. Here is a snowman ring I recently made. There are so many different ways you could decorate your snowman ring. You could make a small black hat out of felt or earmuffs like I did. 


Adjustable Ring Blank
Large Plastic Pearl Bead
Hot Glue
Scrap Felt
Pipe Cleaner
Permanent Markers


 I used a button as a pattern for my small circles. Hot glue pipe cleaner on to make earmuffs. You can stick the pipe cleaner ends inside the two holes of the pearl bead. Glue felt circles on top of pipe cleaner ends. This will  cover up your holes in the pearl bead. Next cut a thin rectangular piece of felt, to use as your scarf. Hot glue your pearl to your ring blank. Then hot glue your scarf to the ring and pearl. Use a little more hot glue to shape your scarf ends as you would like. Now using permanent markers get creative and make a snowman face. I used black, orange for a carrot nose, blue for eyes, and red for some rosy cheeks. 

If you decide to make a snowman ring I would love to see it at our Anything Goes, Friday to Monday linky. 

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