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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Naughty Valentines Day Party Ideas

Sex toys - EdenFantasys adult toys store

Warning: Mature Content Follows

My husband and I are co-hosting a fun couples party in February. Of course I turned to Edenfantasys  and Pinterest for some some sexy party supplies, recipes, favors, and ideas. Here are few of the naughty items in my shopping cart for our sexy Valentines day inspired party. 

Spooning just got a little more exciting don't you think!

 How fun will these be to serve with our passion punch! Alright there might be some guys at the party who won't straw up, but I am ordering them anyways. 

I think this would be the perfect accessory to wear to our silly party. 

Wouldn't this be the perfect gag gift for such an occasion. 

I know it's not even New Year's Eve yet but I can't wait for February! Our party is going to be so much fun. We will be serving lots of appetizers and treats inspired by our sexy Valentines theme. I will be making some sexy boudoir cookies like the ones I found on Pinterest below. They look easy, I am thinking my heart shaped cookie cutter will work out great. I will just have to slice off the bottom of the heart. 

We will be serving lots of great cocktails like this one found on Pinterest  pictured below. 

For more Valentines inspiration head to Edenfantasys and my Valentines board on Pinterest.

Are you planning a naughty Valentines party? Let us know in a comment below, and share your party ideas at our Anything Goes weekly linky. 

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