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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

A DIY Tea Themed Teacher Gift For Valentine's Day

"TEAcher You're The Best" gift set for Valentine's Day

Here are our Teacher appreciation gifts for Valentine's Day. Little Lucas has 6 different female teachers, and Joshua has one. Note Joshua's teacher is a male, so we left the teapot earrings out. We decided to use a red and white travel mug, found at the Dollar Store, however you could use a white dollar store coffee mug too. The candy, tea, and teapot earrings all fit nicely in the mug. You probably don't need to gift wrap, but if you choose to, you can find gift bags, and tissue paper, like ours pictured above, at the Dollar Store. I used a red permanent marker to write "TEAcher You're The Best". I don't have the prettiest handwriting, but it's the thought that counts, right? I think our tea themed gift sets turned out great. Cant' wait to share them with all the teachers on Valentine's day. 


Red Permanent Marker
Mint and Cinnamon Candies
Dollar Store Red and White Travel Mug
Valentine Lunch Bag and Tissue Paper (Optional)
Tea Pot Earrings (See How To Make Them Below)

Teapot Earrings 

The teapot earrings included in our gift set, only took a few seconds to make. They were made with teapot charms found from WholePort ,and bronze hook earring findings to match. Simply attach charms to earring findings using your needle nose jewelry pliers. You may also order these earrings from my shop

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