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Saturday, February 9, 2013

Be My Valentine Graeter's Ice Cream

 If you are not familiar with Graeter's ice cream then you are missing out. You know it's going to blow your mind when it comes with celebrity endorsements from folks like Oprah Winfrey, Bobby Flay, and George Clooney, just to name a few. According to Oprah, "You haven't had ice cream until you've had Graeter's". She is totally right. Graeter's ice cream is amazing. I don't think I have ever enjoyed a richer creamier ice cream in my life. 

Founded in 1870, Graeter’s ice cream is made from century old family recipes. They use 
a one of a kind French Pot process to churn their ice cream, and of course only use the highest quality, all natural ingredients. Their rich, melt in your mouth, generous chunks of chocolate, and amazingly creamy and dense texture, makes their ice cream an irresistible treat. Graeter’s truly is unlike any other ice cream. Where a typical pint of ice cream can weigh as little as 8 ounces, a Graeter’s pint weighs nearly a full pound! The first thing I noticed when my Graeter's ice cream arrived to review was how heavy each pint was. Then when I scooped into the ice cream, it was clearly unlike any I had ever had before. It was so dense and creamy, I had to get out my heavy duty ice cream scoop. Graeter’s ice cream is so rich and creamy that they  have to pack every pint by hand using a specially designed spoon. It’s quite literally the best ice cream you’ll ever taste!  What surprised me even more is the affordable price,  it’s only 25¢ more a serving compared to other brands. 

Graeter’s ice cream is making 2013 a little sweeter with the addition of its newest flavor, Black Cherry Chocolate Chip. The new flavor is available online now at  and will be hitting grocery stores this spring.  Lucky for me, Graeter's asked me to review their new product. I honestly was a little apprehensive. I have never bought a cherry chip ice cream in my life, it's not a typical flavor I enjoy. I was blown away by how creamy and rich this ice cream was. It had the perfect balance of black cherry and chocolate. It was truly magnificent, I actually went back for a second helping, shame on me.  This is the first new Graeter’s flavor in 3 years. The Black Cherry Chocolate Chip, is all natural black cherry ice cream made with heavy cream, pure cane sugar and loaded with fresh black cherries and Graeter’s signature dark chocolate chunks.  While the flavor is new, the process remains the same, it is still churned in a French Pot, two gallons at a time, and hand packed by the pint.

I could keep talking about how much I love Graeter's Ice Cream, however there are two other flavors in  my fridge that I have not tried yet, and they are calling my name. I hope you will enjoy some Graeter's Ice Cream soon with someone you love.  Graeter's certainly made my Valentine's Day this year a whole lot sweeter. 


  1. Question, how did you get to be able to review their ice cream for them? I emailed them asking to do it, because I live in the Cincinnati area where Graeter's is and would love to review their ice creams but I haven't heard a response. Just wondering how you got this opportunity.

    1. Desi they contacted me. I will forward your contact info to them now, hopefully they will be in touch.


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