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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Easy Modeling Clay Four Leaf Clover Earring Tutorial

These cute handmade four leaf clover earrings will be fun to wear on Saint Patrick's day, or any day I am needing a little luck. These earrings were easy and affordable to make. I found some green sparkly modeling clay at Joann's craft store on sale for 50% off. Want to know my secret for making such a cute four leaf clover?

That's right, I used a four leaf clover charm as a stamp. The silver clover earrings pictured above are from my Etsy shop. I simply pressed a clover charm into my modeling clay to make an impression. First you will start with two even small round pieces of clay. Shape clay into little flat circles, then stamp with your charm. If you have a small rubber clover stamp of course that would work too. After stamping you simply bake as directed, for my product, that was 30 minutes in a 230 F degree oven.  When cool, glue your clovers onto your earring blank posts using E-6000 jewelry glue. Let glue dry per package directions. 

I made both post and dangling green clover earrings. They are now both in my shop TLC Creations. My mind is racing wondering what other charms I have that would work as modeling clay stamps, how about some green horse shoes for luck? Well that's what I have been up to, what about you? Come share at our weekly Anything Goes linky. 

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