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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Kiss Me I'm Irish Treats

Kiss Me I'm Irish Treats!
These are so easy to make, and fun to share with someone special. I used Dollar Store foam hearts and kisses stickers to make mine, because I had them on hand, however you could use shamrock stickers too. I had silver chocolate kisses on hand, but I would have preferred to use gold foiled ones. 


Chocolate Kisses
Paper Doilies
Green Foam Heart Stickers (from Dollar Store)
 Green Foam Lip Stickers (From Dollar Store)
Green Markers
Small Rectangular Pieces of Paper That Read "Kiss Me I'm Irish"


Make a clover with your heart and kiss stickers, and marker. Remove chocolate kisses note and add your own that reads "Kiss Me I'm Irish". 

Well that's what I have been up to, what about you? Come share at our weekly Anything Goes linky.

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