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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

DIY Sharpie Painted Clay Flower Jewelry And Weekly Wholeport Giveaways

I have been making polymer clay jewelry for a few years now. Polymer clay comes in all different types of colors. Today I am sharing some earrings I made with Polymer clay and silicone molds.These would make great handmade Mother's day gifts.  I made a few pairs using white clay, and then after baking colored them with Sharpies by hand. You may also swirl different colors of clay, like I did with the smaller post earrings below. For those I used hot pink and soft pink clay.  Folks ask me all the time where I get my supplies. My materials for these earrings are from WholePort. WholePort has an entire shop section dedicated to Polymer Clay. They carry a nice selection of polymer clay kits, molds, and supplies. 


Polymer Clay
Flower Mold
Earring Blanks
E-6000 Jewelry Glue


Use molds to make desired flowers. You will want to make the back side of flower as flat as possible. Bake per clay directions, I typically bake mine at 225 F degrees for 30 minutes. I prefer to bake mine outside, in a small toaster oven, so that I don't have to worry about any fumes. Once baked, your clay flowers will be hard. Glue earring blanks to the back of flowers, and let dry over night. Color flowers in with permanent markers or Sharpie's if desired. 

Weekly Craft Supply Wholeport Giveaways

Wholeport is hosting weekly giveaways/craft parties on their website. These craft parties/giveaways will be  held every week, starting from Thursday and ending the following Wednesday. The prize for the winner is a $30 value of craft supplies. A $30 value from Wholeport is sometimes equivalent to $50 worth of  stuff in local stores.  The theme for this weeks craft party/giveaway is baking molds. In this event, you simply need to upload your crafts to their "crafts by this item" tab, and one week later they will give the prize to the most "collected" craft entry. This event and this "crafts by this item" is a great way to find inspiration for crafting with a single product.  You can find out more about Wholeports giveaway/craft parties here, and on their Facebook page here

Well that's what I have been up to, what about you? Come share at our weekly Anything Goes Linky. 

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