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Monday, May 20, 2013

Etsy Should Search Like Ebay With Lowest Price Including Shipping #Social Power

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Social Power for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Do you have Social Power? We all have social power to some extent, but can harness it if we work together. That's what Social Power is all about. Social Power is a new platform that harnesses the untapped power of social media to resolve everyday issues, both big and small. I love that I can communicate with people from around the world without leaving my home, or even picking up the phone.  Social media is a platform that enables individuals to connect and share photos, feelings, and ideas. Social Power takes social media one huge step further by harnessing the power-of-the-people to create meaningful long-term sustainable change. You can make a difference by harnessing your social power. Social Power enables every individual to resolve issues that as an individual they never could have achieved alone. These resolutions can come in the form of a price reduction, a better product, service, or experience. I propose we improve the shopping experience of the consumer on Etsy. By improving their search engine, and making it calculate shipping fees, just like Ebay dose. When searching for the lowest price of a particular item, Etsy should calculate shipping fees in their totals. 
If you have an issue that needs resolving Social Power can help you too. First you think of the most important, resolvable issues that affect not only you, but others as well. Once you share that issue on Social Power, they work to raise awareness for it in their social network, while you do the same in yours. Once 1,000 people agree that your issue also affects them, Social Power turns that issue into an initiative. This is when it gets exciting. Since every Social Power initiative is potentially resolvable, there will always be a person, board or governing body capable of creating a resolution. We call those people Agents of Change, and once an initiative is formed those Agents of Change are notified of the initiative they are capable of resolving. Once the Agent of Change proposes an acceptable resolution, it is offered back to the Social Power user base. These resolutions often come in the form of a price reduction, a better product, service, or experience.
I have an issue issue that I feel is potentially resolvable. Etsy should when searching by lowest price calculate shipping fees into the equation, just like Ebay dose.  I think this would be beneficial, not only as an Etsy seller but as a buyer too. I have created this issue on Social Power and you can give it a thumbs up by sharing it on Facebook and Twitter. Find my issue here at  Power to the people, by using your social power, sharing on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter you can help resolve my concern and yours as a consumer.

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