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Monday, May 6, 2013

Kids Crafty Play Time With DIY Solo Plate Shields

This Cinco De Mayo we started our day out attempting to catch crawdads with our Solo cups. It was still a bit cold for the crawdads to be biting, however we still had lots of fun at the lake. Next we went to the local Walmart and picked out a new Beta fish to add to the kids aquatic pet collection. While we were cleaning fish tanks and moving some fish around, one of our Solo cups made a second appearance, as a temporary fish home.  All this work made us thirsty, and Solo cup came out again to play (a clean non fishy one of course). The boys enjoyed homemade Shirley Temples in their Solo cups, and Daddy and I enjoyed some homemade Very Berry Margaritas. While mommy prepared dinner, the boys kept busy with a little quiet craft time. This time it was the Solo plate who made an appearance. They had fun making DIY Solo Plate Shields. Our Cinco De Mayo was a Solo-riffic day!

Materials And Supplies Used for Solo Plate Kid Shields:

Solo Plates Square
Sharpie Metallic Markers
Hole Punch


Punch holes in two corners of your square Solo plates. Using twine (we doubled ours) make a handle on each plate, tying large knots, so twine will not slip through punched holes.  Decorate with metallic Sharpies. 

So quiet time won't last forever, and the battling will commence. Quiet or loud, this fun was made possible by the Solo brand!  Well that's what we have been up to, what about you? Come share at our weekly Anything Goes linky. 

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