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Monday, October 28, 2013

DIY Adult Halloween Trick And Treat With You've Been BOOzed Printable Gift Tags

Halloween isn't just for the kiddos. I have a recipe for some adult trick or treats. Simply purchase some small gummy worms, I found mine at the Dollar Store. Buy some tiny bottles of liquor, preferably Tequila, since it's traditional to find worms in it. Drop one worm in each bottle. Then attach one of my free printable gift tags with some ribbon, yarn, twine, or string.  You can print out the tags I made by heading to the link below.

Tips For Printing:
 I recommend saving the image to your computer, and printing 9 tags per a page.   If using Picasa, like I did, you will select wallet size, 9 "copies per a photo" (which fit on one page), and "shrink to fit".

 The printable tags read "Trick or Treat You've been BOOzed! Open the potion, and drink it up. Eat the worm, or you'll have bad luck." I designed the vintage looking tag on Picmonkey.  I made these as gifts for my coworkers. I recommend not dropping the worm into the booze until you are ready to gift.  


Please Trick or Treat responsibly.

Happy Halloween!

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