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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


It's raining outside, I am snuggled up by the wood stove in my Northern California home, with a sinus infection that has been dragging on for months. I am praying my new antibiotics and allergy medicine will help. My only comfort is the food porn I am gorging myself on at the Newcastle restaurant Babucho. As I drift deeper into a NyQuil cocktail, I dream of real tasty libations served at the stunning Babucho Bar. Babucho is nestled between Newcastle’s shopping district and the river front in the heart of the Quayside. It is a New York style restaurant, bar, and lounge club.  I let my imagination take me there, as I suddenly envision myself not looking like Rudolph, with a red nose, and breathe right strip on, but Carrie Bradshaw from Sex In The City, all dolled up for a night on the town. 

So what will we find at this posh establishment but a menu full of unique dishes, fused with some splendid local favorites. A Friendly team who remember your name. Did you know Babucho means daddy, so of course they will take care of you like family. Cocktails just the way you like them, for me that's a rum and diet coke, or if I am feeling extremely naughty, a Long Island Ice Tea. During the day, it's a much more casual atmosphere, more like a bustling cafe or brasserie. At night Babucho's transforms into a  hip restaurant and lounge bar, catering to the city’s movers and shakers, until late in the night.  Don't let these slippers and robe fool you, on occasion I too can move and shake. That's right, I think I would find myself extremely comfortable at Babucho, with their British Italian cuisine

For an appetizer I think I would order our table the Antipasto Italiano, with 
Parma ham, fennel salami, mortadella, caprese, roast mushroom, goats cheese & olives. Then for starters Tempura King Prawns, with sweet chili dipping sauce. For me the Chicken Milanese, with breaded chicken breast, mozzarella cheese, spaghetti with garlic & tomato. Don't worry, everyone at the table will be happy with their extensive menu. They even have vegetarian and gluten free options. From pasta, seafood, steak, to chicken, they have it all. They even have something called a Steak and Ale Pie. A slow braised beef pot pie served with fries & gravy. I know what you are thinking, they had you at Ale, and now they are just twisting your arm with the fries and gravy. Pictured above their crispy duck with sticky red wine sauce, sounds tempting too.

Let's not forget Valentine's Day is coming up, and Mr. Big, I mean my husband Jerry, might just want to take me out on a special date. Babucho's is celebrating all week long, so you won't have to put up with too crazy of a crowd. From February 10th through the 16th, they have a superb 3 course menu including their famous sharing dessert platter that will test any relationship or friendship. Of course we know that Valentine's week is always busy in the restaurant biz, so please book now. 

Well now that my mind is contemplating savory dishes, and sweet desserts, I must admit I do feel a little better, and I don't think that's just the NyQuil talking. Thank you big Daddy, I mean Babucho, for taking my mind to a better place. Someday I hope my mouth will be able to join me. For more information on Babucho's please visit their Facebook Page

This post has been written by me, and sponsored by Babucho's. 100% of the opinions are mine.

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