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Monday, January 20, 2014

My Rustic Craft Shed Reveal

I know months ago I shared how my husband and I were working on building a shed that would become my shop studio. We built it ourselves for approximately $2,000. Then Christmas sales kicked in, and well I hardly had time to blink, let alone take pics of my craft shed to share. It's by no means finished or fancy, but it's my space to design in. When your studio is only 10 x 12 feet, you learn to get creative with storage. I power my shed with solar panels, which run lights, my sewing machine, glue gun, lamination machine, and Cricut. For heat I use a propane heater. I usually can stand to work without heat, however we sometimes get 20 below here in Northern Cali, so the heater which came to me as a Christmas gift this year, was much appreciated. I make all my jewelry and accessories out in my shop, the only thing I don't make out there is my perfumes, scrubs, and lip products. I still do that in my kitchen. I can't even store them in the shed, since the temps drop so low, the oil will actually freeze. I am such a huge fan of all the Alaska themed shows, makes me think I should have my own show, maybe call it Extreme Crafters. Yes there have been times I can see my own breath when I am making jewelry. I guess that's the price you pay when you have passion for your art.  Well I hope you enjoy these pics, I would love to here your thoughts. 

See I told you it's not fancy, but it is functional for me.

The white hutch was a garage sale find, I think I bought it for $30. It was hideous when I found it, but some sanding and white paint made a big difference.

Many items you see are only used when I go to craft shows for displays. I also store a few holiday items in here, and things I don't use every day, and don't want in the house, like our  hammock and massage table. Our garage is full, it's my husbands screen printing studio. 

When you are in a small spot you need to be creative, rafters hold gift wrapping paper, and beams hold empty bottles for future crafting.

My inspiration board is mostly filled with my kids art and cards I have received. Many of the cards end up recycled for more crafting. 

When I first started making jewelry, this hutch was my only work space.

I found this to be one of the best ways to keep my charms organized and easy to find. 

My rustic craft shed may not be stunning, but it gives me the space I need to make pretty things like this headband. I find my shed inspiring when I am in it. When designing jewelry I often re-purpose old materials and give them new life. Maybe someday my rustic shed will be re-purposed  by someone else, and I will have moved into a bigger studio. Until then I will keep crafting my Tiny Little Creations in my Tiny Little Studio, for my shop TLC Creations


  1. Oh this is so lovely! A place of your own to be creative in! Drool.

  2. This is so awesome! Must do! Stopping by from Hoyby crafts through the Someday Crafts link pary. I'm your newest follower!

  3. Wow, I love your new space it looks great. Pat

  4. You must be so happy, it is lovely

  5. Oh my! I am soooo envious! I want a shed like that! Get all my stuff out of the house!!! How did you ever convince your hubby??? I might just have to show my hubby your pictures.... Perhaps that will do the trick!!
    Thanks so much for sharing.… :)
    Have a happy weekend; hugs x, Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  6. Oh my gosh...I love that! I have a bedroom that has been taken over by my craft stuff and I have wondered about this but I also worry about someone breaking into it. That would be so amazing the have something like this. I assume the solar panels work great. I love this...makes me want to clean out my shed now and start with that! lol Thanks for sharing.


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