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Friday, March 28, 2014

Anything Goes Linky # 147, Spring Inspired Features, And Feeling Great Post Surgery

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Proof cell phones should be taken away after administering Xanax, LOL. This was me prior to my surgery on Tuesday, taking a silly selfie. One of the lumps was harder to find, so I had to have a wire inserted prior to surgery to help locate it, which is why they gave me Xanax. They ended up finding 2 more lumps during surgery, removing a total of 4 from one breast, and 1 from the other. I won't have biopsy results back until the first, but I am thrilled to say my doctor believes all 5 look benign!!! I was finally able to breath a big sigh of relief. I will let you all know at the next party when those results are confirmed. I want to thank you all for helping me get through these last few weeks, that have been very draining on me. All your sweet comments and inspiring posts have helped keep me positive, and my mind busy. Big bacon hugs for all of you.

Now for some Spring inspired features:

How about some Spring cleaning starting with your craft supplies. Crafty Lumberjacks shared this great craft box face lift.

I need to fill my size 11 boots with flowers, and put them by the front door. What an easy and affordable decorating idea. Find more Spring Decor  inspiration at Forever Decorating. 

Have you made a Spring wreath yet? Find inspiration from  this blue yarn wreath shared by At Home With Jemma. 

Features wouldn't be complete without something sweet. These Spring butterfly cupcakes look easy and delicious, thanks for sharing Optimistic Mommy. 

And now it's time to party! 


  1. I'm so glad your surgery was successful. I pray all your results are benign.
    Thanks for the invite to your party....I added it to my party planner.

    Best wishes for a weekend filled with extraordinary creativity!!

  2. So glad for you! I have had several lumps taken out and I know how draining it can be. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  3. Sending you prayers and well wishes! Thank you for hosting, get better soon!!!

  4. Hi Mindie,

    So happy to meet you! Obviously, it's my first time at your lovely party and just read about your surgery. So glad thing are looking good; sending prayers positive energy your way!

    Thanks for the invitation and hope you have a wonderful, restful weekend!


  5. I'm so glad you're feeling better after surgery and it's looking like good news. I'm praying for that.

    Thanks for the fun party and have a great weekend!

  6. I loved to see a smille on your face. Hope all will be all right with you dear Mindie! I'll pray for that!
    Thank you for hosting another awesome party!
    Have a wonderful day and weekend!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  7. SOO glad they look benign! Thank you for the party, and take care of your sweet self! :)

  8. Hey sweet Lady! Praying that you continue to get the best news!

  9. Glad to hear the surgery went well - hugs, prayers, and well wishes.

  10. Hi Mindie - Will continue to keep you in my prayers and please keep me posted with the results. I'm here for you. Big hugs my dear friend and sister, Holly

  11. Great news! I know you will be glad to get the "official" word, but I know it has to be reassuring getting the Drs opinion.

  12. Thanks so much for hosting!!

  13. Sending prayers and well wishes :) Thanks for hosting. Have a great weekend!!

  14. What a happy relief. Praying for the best news on the 1st.

  15. Good news, wishing you a great 'official' result.

    And the flowers in the boots... genius!!

  16. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Hi Mindie,
    I'm new to your party . . . Sending big thanks for hosting . . . and prayers for a quick recovery and positive news from your doctor.
    Have a beautiful weekend with your family,

  17. Mindie,
    I am so thankful this all behind you now.
    Wishing you a speedy recovery, good times with your sweet family and happy thoughts.
    Thank you for the party and for featuring my blue yarn wreath!
    Thinking of you,

  18. Hello Mindie, thanks for stopping by my blog and inviting me to your lovely party, I'm happy to be here. Sounds like you've had quite a week. I hope you are sitting with your feet up, with a lap top and cup of tea/coffee, surfing the internet (do people even say that any more?) and taking it easy.

  19. Wishing you a speedy recovery and all good news! Be well!!!

  20. Hope the news stays good and that you will recover very soon! Get well!

  21. Praying for your and wishing you all the best!!
    Get well SOON

  22. I hope you get the best news and you feel better very soon. Take care and enjoy the moments.

  23. Having my fingers crossed for you!

  24. It's going to be hard to wait until the next party so we know what's going on!!! Thank you for a great party! Til next week! :D

  25. Hi Mindy, thanks for the fun party! Hoping you have a great recovery.... I hope you know that you are allowed to take a few weeks off blogging!!!
    “hugs” Crystelle
    Crystelle Boutique

  26. Thinking of you lovely lady! Take care and stay positive!

    Blessings and best wishes from Down Under.

    Natasha in Oz

  27. thank you for inviting me to your party! Blessings to you as you recover! Your new follower, Deborah

  28. Mindie- Been thinking about you and had to visit your blog over the weekend. Great to see your Xanax inspired selfie! Why not? xo- laura

  29. Hope your weekend was super awesome! Thanks for hosting this great party and we love your blog!

    Sharon, Denise & Aubrie

  30. I hope your recovery goes well and is swift and your news is good. Thank you for the sweet comment and the invitation to join the party. I am off to check out some of the party goers! ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

  31. Mindie, first, I'm so happy to hear that things are benign and hope you have a speedy recovery! It's so wonderful to meet you and thank you for the party invitation! Look forward to partying with you and getting to know you. Hope you're having a happy and relaxing weekend!

  32. All is well Mindie! Thanks for sharing these wonderful blogs. I love everything here, even more especially the inspiration from the blue yarn wreath! Take care and have a wonderful day!

    Sebastian of
    Tropical Life Style

  33. Thanks Mindie, for hosting all the inspiration here! Wishing you a speedy recovery! Take care.

  34. So glad it went well Mindie !! Try to rest up some too though ox

  35. Hi Mindie!
    Thanks for the invite to link up and wishing you a speedy recovery!

  36. Get well soon (or even sooner ) !!!

  37. Thanks for inviting me again, sometimes it takes twice! Looking forward to hearing good news from your results! ~Ann
    Tarnished Royalty

  38. Thanks for the invite to link up. I am glad to hear everything went well with your surgery. Saying a prayer for you today. :)

    Put A Bird On It

  39. Hi, Mindie. I'm so glad everything went relatively well with your surgery. The Xanax selfie was a nice way to bring a little levity to the whole awful thing. I hope you get all great news when the results are back in a few weeks. Great to know that your surgeon has high hopes for it.

    1. Hi Alycia! I announced Friday on blog, so it's no secret. I do have breast cancer, but we caught it early. I will be sharing my experiences with it on the blog. I will also keep sharing and doing everything I love. Thank you for your comment and support. Hugs.


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