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Friday, March 7, 2014

Looking For Bacon Time Contributors And Free Advertising Space

I've had an occasional guest post on Bacon Time, but have over the last year strayed from taking any guest post, and turned many people away. After much thought, I have decided to open the doors to regular contributors. Some of you may know, as of last December, I quit working outside of the home. Having more time for my blog, and my shop, has really inspired me to make them both grow. I hope by bringing in some fresh faces, I will be able to offer my readers even more inspiration.

What contributors will have to gain:

Great FREE exposure. Not to brag, but my Klout score is 53! Anyone with a Klout score of 30 or more is considered to have great social influence. Your post will be shared on all of my social networking sites. I network everyday, yes I will even link your post up at several parties! You will be formerly introduced in a contributors post! If applicable, your post will be re-linked to one of my blog pages. A link to your blog will always be included in your contributing posts. You will also have your picture, and photo link to your site, on my right side bar!

Here is what I am looking for from a Bacon Time Contributor:

1 quality post a month with great pictures, that's it! Posts in DIY, gardening, home improvement, up-cycling, cooking, organizing, fashion, cosmetics, decorating, photography, printables, holiday projects, vintage, and more are all welcome. Posts need to be original work, and not previously shared. Contributors will be expected to share on their site, a quick post sending folks this way, to check out their work, after their posts goes live. A small button link will be placed somewhere on your  homepage saying you are a contributor at Bacon Time. Not required, but I would prefer applicants to have a blog at least 1 year old, and be full time bloggers.

I was a weekly food contributor before on another site, and that became very tedious. This is why I am only asking for 1 quality post a month per a contributor. You may do up to 4 posts, but it will not be required. I rather have quality, not quantity. When I was a weekly contributor, I was not given free add space on the home page. I am offering free add space, and you only have to contribute 1 post per a month, pretty sweet deal. 

If you are interested you may comment below or email me at



  1. Mindie I'm interested you can email me at

  2. Hi Mindie,
    I would love to be a contributor to your blog. It sounds exciting, and a lot of fun. You can email me at

  3. Hi Mindie, I don't know if you're interested in British contributors? I'd love to be considered though. You can look at my relatively new work (the baby blog has been running for 7 months and I've only just gone self hosted) at If you're interested please contact me on
    God bless again with all your worrying times.

  4. Mindie I'm very interested. My email is

  5. Hi Mindie, I am also a British blogger if you are interested in us. I would be interested in contributing. I have a variety of themes on my blog if you would like to take a look at Sandra's Ark and my email is

  6. Hello, I would be interested in this. I do not meet the requirement of a one year or older blog. But all of the other's I do. I focus mainly on DIY and up cycling furniture with a little dash of life and home decor in general thrown in. I am flinging myself into blogging and getting results. This would be an amazing opportunity. My blog is My e-mail is I am so sorry to hear about you going through health issues, it is hard for anyone but as a Mom I am sure your worried are compounded not for yourself but for your kids. Stay strong and hopeful. This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone to guest on your blog, I am sure you will have a hard time choosing!

    Emily- Our house now a home


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