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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

3 Easy Ribbon Bracelet Tutorials Perfect For Spring

I was walking down the ribbon isle at Walmart, feeling inspired by Spring, and purchased 3 different fuchsia colored ribbons. I turned each one into a unique bracelet. One is stretchy, and may also be warn as a hair tie.  I was feeling the fuchsia, but you could make these bracelets in different colors, and you could certainly adapt these tutorials to any ribbon you have on hand or love. Below is a list of materials and directions, to help you make all three.

 I actually wore this pink stretchy ribbon bracelet to my surgery last month. I knew it would make for a quick hair tie when I woke up with pillow hair. It only took a couple minutes to make.

Materials For Stretchy Ribbon Bracelet:

Stretchy Tasseled Ribbon
Matching Thread
Scissors and Sewing Needle

Directions For Stretchy Ribbon Bracelet:

Cut your ribbon to the desired length. Sew the two ends together by hand. Optional, you could sew a button onto your ribbon, to accessorize it further.

My favorite of the three, the fluffy bracelet, is also easy to make. I have similar fluffy bracelets in my Etsy shop, in different colors, and with antique bronze findings, with custom hand stamped charms. 

Materials For Fluffy Ribbon Bracelet:

Fluffy Ribbon
2 Ribbon Clamps
Jewelry Glue E6000
Lobster Clasp
Jump Loops
Needle Nose and Flat Head Jewelry Pliers

Directions For Fluffy Ribbon Bracelet:

Cut ribbon to desired length. Add a tiny bit of glue to the inside of your ribbon clamps, before you crimp them on to either end of the fluffy ribbon. Then attach a couple jump loops to one end, and your clasp to the other end, using the loops on your ribbon clamps.

This big flower ribbon is so pretty, I am actually planning on making a headband with it too. It certainly makes for a nice statement bracelet.

Materials For Flower Ribbon Bracelet:

Wide Flower Ribbon
2 Ribbon Clamps
Jewelry Glue E6000
Lobster Clasp
Jewelry Chain
Jump Loops
Needle Nose and Flat Head Jewelry Pliers

Directions For Flower Ribbon Bracelet: 

Cut a large flower out from your ribbon. Add a little glue to the inside of your clamps before crimping them to either end of flower. Using jewelry pliers attach jump loops and chain to one end. Then attach a jump loop, chain, and clasp to the other end. Making the bracelet the desired length.

Which bracelet is your favorite? Please let me know in a comment below. I would love to see what you have been up to. Please share at our Anything Goes linky party.

Disclosure: Walmart is mentioned in this post because it's where I purchased my ribbon, this post is not sponsored. 

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  1. Love these!!! I have some ribbon that will be great for these. Pinning so I can make this weekend!


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