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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What I Wore, My Dirty Secret, And Closet Cleaning

Here is a peak at a few outfits I wore recently. I am not in love with either of them, but at least I am not in my robe.  

I do love the owl print of this tank. I bought it about 6 months ago at Ross. 

Another tank from Ross, this one I bought recently. I made the necklace and bracelet I am wearing. I  will share them both in a tutorial soon. 

You know me, I feel naked without accessories. 

And now for my dirty little secret...brace yourself, what you are about to see might alarm you.

No we were not hit with a tornado, this was what my closet looked like just a few weeks ago. I think I need a walk in closet, my husband thinks I need less clothes, lets agree to disagree shall we. 

Here is a peak at it now. Still packed full, but organized. Now all my summer shoes are hung up. Boots and athletic shoes are in a tub.  I donated several pairs of shoes too, making room for more Summer sandals...shhh!  All my items are grouped together, in categories of tanks, cardigans, tops, sweaters, skirts, dresses, shorts, leggings, athletic wear, pajamas, pants, an so on.  Items I wear but not often are also grouped together. Many of my jeans have been moved to the top shelf, and folded nicely, since during Spring and Summer I won't wear them as often. I also bought a 3 drawer storage tub to put on my top shelf to get swimsuits, Halloween costumes, and lingerie out of the way, since I don't wear them daily (sorry hubby).  My rolling wire cart holds items that I don't care if they get wrinkled, such as my pajamas and yoga pants, things I do wear daily. Winter coats and scarves were moved to the hall closet. Belts and summer scarves were grouped together. 

So it's not pretty, but it's at least organized, and I know wear to find everything now. It was one of many Spring cleaning projects I recently tackled. Doing my best to stay busy, and clean house, before my breast cancer radiation treatment starts. 

Well I shared my dirty little secret, do you have any? Please come share what you have been up to at our Anything Goes weekly linky party. 


  1. hi Mindie !! I love the outfits !! that owl vest/tank is AMAZING -I just love it. I think that when we girls are out of our robes (for me it is PJs) In fact- I'm planning to wear Easter Bunny PJs for our family day ! LOL -- just so good to be home and not gone all day for the holiday time! Our little secret - is our junk drawers - OMGosh .. we stash things, mail, "junk" overall ... to try to keep the dining room table clear! LOL I hate it you have to go through radiation -- please just take time for yourself and do what works for you !! Sending love and prayers to a great gal Mrs Mindy Mae ox

  2. Okay, my friend, you need to 'fess up and tell me when you snuck in my house and took a picture of my closet! Great minds must think alike because I've been working on our closets, too. Problem is, I haven't made near the progress you have.

  3. Too funny.... but mine was like that years ago! Can I tell you what I did? O.K., the area between where your closet door and the wall to the left of the door.... the side of your closet (I suppose it would be the width between front and back of the closet. I built shelves! Front to back I first put up small wooden supports that hold up the shelf. I put that on the 3 sides front, side, and back. Then cut a wood shelf to fit that space.... I put in 4 shelves spaced starting 15" from the floor and then every 13" apart. It takes up about 16" of hanging space, but I have 4 shelves that are 16" x 24" that I use for sweaters, work out clothes, t-shirts, and the floor space I use for shoes. What's not to like! Just a thought. Be happy to take pictures if your interested.
    Jean C.


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