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Friday, June 27, 2014

Anything Goes Linky #160, Homeward Bound, News Blues, And Features

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Homeward Bound:
Coming to you from Reno, Nevada for the last time. That's right, I get to come home today, instead of Monday! My doctor allowed me to do 2 treatments on Thursday, so that I could have my last treatment today, and not on Monday. Totally acceptable, as long as the appointments are 6 hours or more apart.  At this point, the radiation treatments have me really red, soar, and longing to rest in my own bed, with my hubby by my side. If I had the energy to do a happy dance, I would. Thank you for your love and support. I am planning something extra special for you all at next weeks linky! 

News Blues:
Lately I can't read the news headlines without tearing up. So many children are being hurt or killed in the hands of their guardians. It breaks my heart. I have always been a sensitive person. Many of these current news stories are so tragic, I find my mind dwelling on them, and falling into a funk that lasts most of the day. Which is why I have decided to avoid the news for the time being. They say ignorance is bliss. I don't think my heart can take it anymore.  I think a few comedy movie dates are in order, maybe I'll watch Tammy, I adore Melissa McCarthy, or 22 Jump Street.  Laughter is the best medicine. How are you all coping with this crazy world? Are you turning off the news too? 

Fantastic Features:

Orange Poppy Seed Cookies  shared by Over The Apple Tree. 

Recycled Bottle Hanging Planters shared by Hooked On Homes. 

Super Simple Gift Crates  shared by My Love 2 Create. 

Hazelnut Cheesecake Layered Icebox Cake  shared by All She Cooks. 

Now let's party! 


  1. Enjoy home!! This is wonderful.
    Sometime "home" can be the best thing for you
    Thanks for the party Mindie!

  2. Thank you for the link up! Blessings!

  3. Happy Happy Almost Weekend! So good to hear you are nearing the end of your treatments!
    ~ Ashley

  4. I haven't watched the news for years because it filled me with sadness, anxiety and fear about things that, in the main, I couldn't do anything to change. I still keep an eye on the papers to keep up-to-date with world events but I skim over the articles and I'm choosy about what I read and I don't read any articles that are scaremongering (as most are). I really changed when I stopped watching the news, becoming happier with my own life. I love your weekly updates on your progress, thanks so much for sharing, I clicked through this morning eager to find out when you could go home and I'm delighted it's early and today. You're an inspiration to us all and wish you a safe journey home :D

  5. Hi Mindie - So excited you will be traveling back home! Big hugs for good health and a happy week. Holly

  6. Hello Mindie, I'm so pleased that you are on your way home, there is nothing like your own bed. I think I first joined your party as you had your first tests so I always appreciate hearing your updates.
    I think under the circumstances you don't have to watch, read or listen to anything that feels like too much to bear - you are bearing quite enough of your own stuff at the moment to even think about others and that's perfectly ok. (in fact that's just as it should be, you need to concentrate on you and your family)

  7. Enjoy your own bed! I'm doing a happy dance for you :-).

  8. Thanks for hosting a fun party, Mindie! I have a linkup party if you want to stop by and share one of your projects. Have a great weekend. :)

  9. I am so glad that this hard part is done for you! I hope you enjoy July more than ever. Thank you for hosting the party. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Simply Suzannes at Home

    Hi Mindie!
    Congratulations on getting to go home a few days early! That's awesome news!
    There really is nothing like sleeping in your very own bed!!
    Re: the news . . . I don't watch it. It's too depressing. My husband, who's not as sensitive to the news, watching it and keeps me posted on things like weather or events.
    Yes, ignorance is bliss :0) . . . and that's ok sometimes.
    Thanks so much for hosting, Mindie!
    Have a great weekend,

  11. Thanks so much for hosting your parties Mindie! And Yaaay for you to be finally going back home to your hubby!! And like you, sometimes I don't watch the news just because all there seems to be is violence reported. Sometimes ignorance is bliss ;)
    Julie@ Sweet and Spicy Monkey

  12. super awesome party! Glad you get to come home early, I am sure being home will help you recover quickly! I gave up news about 10 years ago. Love it :)

  13. I know it is exciting to go home, I cannot imagine how relieved you are to be going home. Everything feels better when in your own space. I agree about reading news, I limit myself to what I read because I carry it with me long after I am done reading. I want to Mama Bear all of them and fix it.

    Emily- Our house now a home

  14. Fabulous party! Thanks for hosting. Please come and party with us. We would truly love to have you!
    Happy Friday! Lou Lou Girls

  15. Thanks for hosting the party Mindie! And for featuring my ' Recycled Plastic Bottle Planters'. I salute your spirit to beat all odds! Congratulations for coming back home early! Wish the very best! Speedy recovery!

  16. That is great you could finish treatments early and come home! Thanks again for the party and especially for featuring my gift crates! Hugs!

  17. I cant wait to see the movie TAMMY !! Looks hilarious! My hubby is a news junkie...but I stick to sit-coms and hallmark movies. Much better for the soul- we know about the sad things in life, but if we dwell on it - it does take over our worries. PS- I may try your pasta salad for the 4th of July party :)

  18. Hi Mindie~ I am so happy you are home now! I know what you mean about the news and so many sad things happening in the world. Sometimes it enough is enough. I linked up my 4th of July S'mores today! Thanks for hosting!

  19. Thanks for hosting! Best wishes for a wonderful week ahead!

  20. That is so wonderful you got to go home early!! You will feel better in your own home. Thanks for hosting and I wish you a very blessed week. Hugs, Dianne

  21. Just found you. I linked today. I'll be back!


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